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We'll subtley title this stage one of my Tour de France, "Room for Improvment"

  • 135.3mi
  • 4,814ft
  • 5:17:12
    Moving Time
  • 3,158
  • 142
    Suffer Score


  1. Phil H.
    Phil H.

    Good luck. It's an immense feat.

  2. Diesel Dave

    Allez Ted!!!

  3. Daniel Connelly

    52 kph to 0 kph depressingly rapidly. Best of luck with your shoulder!

  4. Kosta Baltzoglou

    So awesome to get to follow your Tour rides! Good luck! :D

  5. George O.
    George O.

    Hope recovery goes well, that looked brutal.

  6. Brandon W.
    Brandon W.

    We are pulling for you!

  7. Mark Detweiler

    Can't imagine getting back on the bike after that crash, hope you finish this TTT before the elimination time. Best of luck Ted

  8. Roger Lynn

    Tough day... Hang in there.

  9. Nate Katz


  10. Nate Katz

    Nice is not so nice. :-(

  11. Nick Strehle

    We can only imagine the heartbreak. Only our best wishes for a quick recovery of the shoulder to start working towards Colorado. You are very tough to hang in there.

  12. Dan Ingram

    Really hope they let you start tomorrow Ted. You deserve to be in it. Fingers Crossed!!

  13. Billy Todd

    Thank you for sharing your rides with all of us!!

  14. Mojo M.
    Mojo M.

    Bummer on the shoulder, hope you get to ride tomorrow!

  15. Chris Bamber

    Tough call Ted - was really pulling for you. Look to next year!

  16. Glenn N.
    Glenn N.

    Brutal news re the 7 seconds. I hope they let you start tomorrow!!!!

  17. Roger Lynn

    Dude just saw what the jury did. THAT SUCKS!!!!!!!

  18. Ber Almeida

    Man I hope The jury let you start tomorrow. Bad news. I don't think it helps that LA is commenting about it. Best wishes Ted!!

  19. Luke B.
    Luke B.

    Big guy, really hope you get back in for tomorrow. Great effort today.

  20. Matthew Fabiano


  21. Tim W.
    Tim W.

    You will fight again Ted! Hang in there.

  22. Felipe S.
    Felipe S.

    You're stronger than this ted. Rest, and come back at vuelta or other tour. You can do it!

  23. Bridge Hunter

    Valiant effort Ted, one to be proud of. You will return!

  24. Gordon Christie

    Live to ride another day!

  25. Jason Roberts


  26. Robbie Webb

    Bugger, just read this. Tough man Ted. Better luck next year:
    And Cannondale’s Ted King was shafted by the race officials (governed by the UCI, not ASO), being eliminated from the race for not making the time cut, even though it’s unclear what was being used for timing since King didn’t have a timing chip on his bike.

    King crashed on stage 1 and separated his shoulder and at the last moment chose to ride a standard road bike for the TTT because of the discomfort. He was obviously dropped but continued to ride alone and apparently missed the official time cut by seven seconds (he still pushed 365 watts over 32 minutes).

  27. Dan Kaempff

    Truly a rubbish decision on the part of the UCI! Heal quickly, Ted.

  28. Danny J.
    Danny J.

    totally gutted for you. Heal quickly Ted.

  29. Vinny O'Leary

    Considering the officials were partially to blame for the crash, I hope they let you continue. Tour De France needs legends like you.

  30. Lee E.
    Lee E.

    Absolutely disgusting treatment by officials, monumental effort over the TTT by you Ted. You are an absolute legend.

  31. Juan Z.
    Juan Z.

    What a legend mate....true champion....

  32. Julien B.
    Julien B.

    LetTedRide !

  33. Leon Spinx

    Ted, you are one of my heroes! LTR!!

  34. Dennis Bajec

    Hang in there Ted, you represent the best of US cycling on and off the bike.

  35. Adam Olson

    Stay tough! I feel for you, come back and kick ass in Colorado! The Tour is never fair.

  36. Arryn B.
    Arryn B.

    Fight hard Ted. Head high and get'em next year. We're rooting for you!

  37. Shaymay M.
    Shaymay M.

    You did great Ted despite it all! Amazing!

  38. Ber Almeida

    Ted! I remember you gave me a hi5 here in Boston after a race. Out of this experience of LeTour, many success stories start in situations like these,
    This would fuel up your spirit and you'll come back to race on fire, to claim great performances and victories. You are already a champion!

  39. Sean B.
    Sean B.

    Sorry to hear of your DQ from the tour. Certainly doesn't seem well-justified to me.

  40. Bruno R - 1R

    Ted! Your DQ isn't sitting well with me, you should still be there! All the best with your recovery! That decision was BS!!

  41. Sina M

    Hang in there buddy - we are all on your side.... You had it tough and deserve to be there for sure.. On the bright side.. you are all the talk to the tour de France..

  42. Joseph Mahach

    Thanks for letting us follow. Get well soon and get back out there when you're ready.

  43. Bill McCoy

    Hold your head up, I've got a feeling this won't be your last TDF. Myself and countless others are living vicariously through you...

  44. Danny Brooks

    I will use your experience as inspiration on all my rides. If Ted wont quit neither will I!

  45. Clay Long   U.
    Clay Long U.

    That sucks big time, but all your peers and fans are with you! Give them hell on your next race!

  46. Peter R.
    Peter R.

    Ted! BS decision but you are an inspiration as a fighter; impressive effort. You will come back even stronger and kill it next year. In the meantime heal and just keep on going...

  47. Matthew R.
    Matthew R.

    Sorry to see this. It's a shame, but hopefully you can come back next year and tear it up.

  48. Timothy P.
    Timothy P.

    Sincere bummer man. Keep it spinning.

  49. Peter Andersen Speedworks.dk

    My guess is that if your last name was more French sounding, you wouldn't be out of the tour now. Keep goin'!