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04/08/2012 Slochteren,5th stage Energiewacht Tour

  • 137.9km
  • 0m
  • 3:37:33
    Moving Time


  1. Ina Yoko T.
    Ina-Yoko Teutenberg

    we brought home the yellow....thanks to the girls having my back all week. the day was fairly uneventful....no complain here as past days were hard. pretty amazing week for the team!

  2. Ina Yoko T.
    Ina-Yoko Teutenberg

    this stage for sure did not help in climbing challenge....if we would calculate the win into mountains i would be at 100% after this week ;)

  3. Craig L.
    Craig Lewis

    And congrats on the Energiewacht Tour!

  4. Clara H.
    Clara Hughes

    way to go Ina you're 'amazing'!!

  5. Clara H.
    Clara Hughes

    and I climbed more than you today hahaha.....

  6. Tort 1.
    Tort 1.

    Oh Yeah! Love you and miss You!

  7. Jim M.
    Jim Malone

    Congrats to you and the team - great effort !!!