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Wozzy - Rich Warren

Farsley, England, United Kingdom
  • 84
    Activities in 2018
  • 689.6
    miles Ridden in 2018
  • 292

3.1 Leeds Liverpool Canal Westbound

Ride July 15, 2016
  • 126.7mi
  • 1,814ft
  • 11:22:18
    Moving Time
  • 7,339
  • 259
    Relative Effort
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  1. David K.
    David K.

    Are you riding back tomorrow ?

  2. Wozzy - Rich Warren
    Wozzy - Rich Warren

    Nightrider tomorrow, then back Monday!

  3. Martin White
    Martin White

    Well done !!!!!

  4. David K.
    David K.

    Were you riding a hybrid ?

  5. Wozzy - Rich Warren
    Wozzy - Rich Warren

    29er, loaded with luggage - 50lbs altogether

  6. David K.
    David K.

    Bloody ell , good going . Did you ride into any muddy sections .

  7. David Hopkins
    David Hopkins

    Well done. Watching the little blue dot move across the country was a good distraction from work.

  8. Wozzy - Rich Warren
    Wozzy - Rich Warren

    Phwoar what, mud! Rained heavy for 6-7 hours. Constant fishtailing on the trails. Wait till I've cleaned up and will be posting pics.

  9. Wozzy - Rich Warren
    Wozzy - Rich Warren

    All for www.tinyurl.com/wozzy16a but scroll my Twitter feed for tons more www.twitter.com/ridewozzy

  10. David K.
    David K.

    Can't beat Tarmac !!!!

  11. Peter M.
    Peter M.

    When did you come off? A lot of blood, there. You OK?

  12. Wozzy - Rich Warren
    Wozzy - Rich Warren

    Just another bike tattoo - adventures are all about stories and growing experience! Bike fine but I squished my ham sandwiches.

  13. Alan Swales
    Alan Swales

    Good work Wozzy! That rain wasn't much fun for the group but I mtb in Yorkshire so just another day at the office for me ;)

  14. Wozzy - Rich Warren
    Wozzy - Rich Warren

    Yeh, rain itself fine but did make the stretch you did much tougher - plus when you're caked in mud you don't feel like stopping to eat so started to deplete. Well done to your group too!

  15. Alan Swales
    Alan Swales

    We ate fish and chips under a bridge like hobos ;)

  16. Laura Robinson
    Laura Robinson

    We did Liverpool to Leeds over 2 days last year which was really fun! Not sure about it all at once though!! Good effort!


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