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  • 24.7km
  • 35m
  • 27:38
    Moving Time
  • 1,181
  • 29
    Suffer Score


  1. All B.
    All B.

    Ridiculous speeds and not winning. Belkin looked good and strong though. Good luck next days.

  2. Arjan Hulsebos

    Nothing but respect. Honestly!

  3. Alfonsin S.
    Alfonsin S.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Laurent M.
    Laurent M.

    suffer score 29 ^^

  5. Snake Bonzai

    Kan je nou zien aan de HR wanneer je op kop zat? Of klopt dat voor geen meter?

  6. Shane T.
    Shane T.

    Mooi tijdritje......chapeau!

  7. Javed P.
    Javed P.

    Would be awesome to have more pros on strava to see how the times compare

  8. Jay G.
    Jay G.

    Thanks for sharing Laurens Good team ride today all the best for the next 2 weeks

  9. stevie .

    awesome Laurens, thanks. stay safe in le tour, and good luck !

  10. Pascal De Jonge

    Thx for sharing. Now these are KOMs that will stay on the charts for a while :-)

  11. Charles 🇺🇸 Mayden

    Nice job in Nice, Nice.

  12. Elias Foros

    nice job and good luck

    the watts are real ?

  13. Peter van Haarlem

    Fantastisch die getallen! Wat voor verzet zit er op zo een fiets?

  14. Vanlerberghe François

    Thanks for the post. All the best for this tour de France. Good luck !

  15. Alfonsin S.
    Alfonsin S.

    Those are estimated watts. In other words, Strava not knowing that Laurens was in a TTT has estimated, along with the power of his team, what it'd take for him to ride the same speed alone. Doesn't take into account CdA or the winds, but it is still very impressive.

  16. Paul W.
    Paul W.


  17. David Anderson

    Chapeau Laurens!

  18. Anton Caris

    Auw.....respect man.... genoten van jullie prestatie. Keep up the good work

  19. Daniel Kemp

    Awesome Laurens - keep moving up the GC !!

  20. Ron V.
    Ron V.

    639 watt ... respect!

  21. Wolfgang Z.
    Wolfgang Z.

    nice performance charts ... avg power, wow

  22. Carl Grzegorzek

    He obviously didn't crank out 600W+ for half an hour. Strava doesn't know it was a TTT and so has not taken account of the enormous amount of drafting and teamwork involved.

  23. JoeDee Fortress

    great performance... side note.Carl his power output more than likely was greater than that... you really have no idea of the amount of power this guys can put out.

  24. Salvatore S.
    Salvatore S.

    Did you take a motor bike ?!
    ...just joking...
    Have a great TdF.
    Greetings to Contador when you pass him by on the finish line ;-)

  25. Greg Khan

    Strava does not account for wind or drafting or riding in a 200 rider field which is why you will see an average of 380 watts for 5 hours on a flat stage. This does not change the fact the LTD is a beast ! lol

  26. Chris S.
    Chris S.

    LTD- powerhouse!! Respect!!!!

  27. Peter Mintun

    @JoeDee: No, he was definitely not outputting over 600+W for half an hour. That would put him at almost 10 W/kg, which would be absurd. A more reasonable number would be anywhere from 6-6.4 W/kg (for only 20 minutes), which upper bounds his output at 435 W at 68 kg. Still an incredible performance nonetheless, don't get me wrong.

    (Source: http://cyclingtips.com.au/2009/07/just-how-good-are-these-guys/)

  28. Thierry C.
    Thierry C.

    Luckily you weren't riding formule 1 tires. The power however was almost the same!

  29. David M.
    David M.

    Different planet! Couldn't beat that speed in a car!! Great insight - Cheers Lars

  30. Carl Grzegorzek

    @Joe DeeFortress I'm not doubting that these guys are monsters but if you really think anyone in the peloton can output 600W for any sustained period then you need to do your homework. Peak power for a Pro cyclist over 30 minutes is in the region of 400w.

  31. Joseph Sebastian (Roojai-Numchai)

    Strava power readings shouldn't be confused with real power from an actual power meter. Awesome ride though!

  32. Alexander M.
    Alexander M.

    The watts could be real if the watt meter is in the crank. Personally I think it could be possible to ride with these amount of watts, but ofcourse not for half an hour. I think Cancellara set the record for 20min 680watts.

  33. Joseph Sebastian (Roojai-Numchai)

    No, these watts shown are nowhere near real. And no human being is going to pedal 680 watts for 20 minutes, not even close. Still, an awesome effort by LtD!

  34. Steve H.
    Steve H.

    Cancellara could. I don't think he's a human being.

  35. Stu D.
    Stu D.

    In Wiggins book he states they are pushing 450-470W up the big Cols, obviously this is proper crank watts from the SRM's.

  36. Russell Bennett

    Thanks for another great insight into how hard you work as a pro.

  37. Joel P.
    Joel P.

    Very impressive!

  38. Debbie Rodgers

    Thank you so much for Strava-ing your races, so amazing to see what you guys are doing in this format!!

  39. kevin molenaar

    wow netjes!

  40. Rob Bosma

    Wat een gemiddelde.

  41. Ian Willcox

    >600w for 390min !!!!!!, cant possibly imagine that !