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Challenge Roth run. New British record for the ironman 7h56.

Run July 17, 2016
  • 41.4km
  • 2:38:10
    Moving Time
  • 3:49/km
    Avg Pace
  • 3,829
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  1. Dawn C.

    Unreal!!!! Amazing

  2. Jon E.

    British record and sub 8 well done

  3. Steve Way

    Awesome performance...... congrats on the position and record!

  4. Chris Bailey

    Well in

  5. Andy R.

    Well done fella.....proof that hard graft pays off ......main man

  6. Tom C.

    Massive congratulations Joe you must be over the moon with that..

  7. Black Panther


  8. Tom C.

    Amazing! Well done Joe.

  9. Matt H.

    Quality work mate, inspirational.

  10. Jamie G.

    Amazing result.... Totally deserved!

  11. Shane B.

    Outstanding Joe! Congratulations

  12. leroy brown

    Fantastic work! Well done.....

  13. Duncan H.

    Great result Joe!

  14. Matt Dyke (NR's)

    Top level!

  15. Simon R.

    Amazing Joe... Many congratulations

  16. Paul L.

    Unbelievable Jeff!!!!!

  17. Joe Skipper

    Cheers guys. Had to dig in the last 10k. So pleased to get under 8 hours and to get on the podium.

  18. Paul L.

    Was it as hot as last year?

  19. Jon O'Hara 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    Absolutely fantastic Joe - top man :-)

  20. Neal B.

    Fastest British Man Ever + First Below 8h. Amazing race and phenomenal run. Well done top draw stuff

  21. Lee "Slippers" S.

    Congratulations,Absolutely awesome joe!!!

  22. Dave M.


  23. Craig B.

    Stunning work Joe

  24. Andrew H.


  25. Darren Neale


  26. Andy M.


  27. Joe Spraggins


  28. Chris G.


  29. Allister Caird

    Fastest run...boom

  30. Daniel W.

    Well done Joe, incredible effort

  31. Annie B.

    Wow! Amazing! Well done!:)

  32. Miles G.

    Incredible result Joe!! Well done!

  33. Marcus White

    Well done......Kona 2017 winner

  34. Marcus N.

    Cracking run dude! And well done on the British record!

  35. Clive K.


  36. Richard Chilvers

    Awesome. So inspiring.

  37. Ray Knights


  38. peter tuttle

    Congratulations to you well done will be on telly mate, i'd love to see it

  39. Thomas Powell

    Unbelievable. Taylor and Cameron (little kids from the Staffordshire race) are sending you a huge thumbs up. They want to be part of team Skipper. Well done. Awesome days work

  40. Nathan B.

    Well done Joe, flying

  41. Toby Morrell

    Frickin insane. Joe that was incredible, well done, dude

  42. Paul G.

    Awesome well done

  43. Rob H.

    Well done Joe

  44. Apl 1.

    Nice one joe. Fantastic achievement

  45. Peter Fletcher

    Awesome dude nb

  46. Phil Edgley

    Amazing race well done!

  47. Gary Martin

    Awesome effort!

  48. Pembo 1

    Amazing talent legend