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03/07/13 Hardly the Three Peaks Challenge, but... Portishead, UK

  • 13.9mi
  • 1,223ft
  • 2:11:33
    Moving Time
  • 9:24/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 2,096


  1. Paul Platt

    Bang out the miles this week Gia. Top running!

  2. Johnny Logan

    Great map. Barking dog, male !! Nice running too mate !

  3. Giacomo Squintani

    (Let your imagination run wild with the route map... I'm going for baby dinosaur crying out)
    [just... try not to be too rude, OK? Thanks]

  4. Andrew Fletcher

    It looks more like a lizard to me ;) Another exemplary performance Gia!!

  5. Giacomo Squintani

    So a small dinosaur, Andrew? Fair point!
    Off to Birmingham early tomorrow, home Friday. So I've toploaded the first half of the week... I don't expect to be top of the UK "Dirt Search" table for much longer, let alone 7th worldwide!
    (just as well - it's kinda freaking me out a little...)

  6. Richard Lloyd

    I thought 'dirt search' was something else all together... top running Giaco

  7. Rob J.

    another 14m, well done mate. Now let us all catch up

  8. Giacomo Squintani

    Thanks All! Focus today was on finding a little hillage. This is by far the route with the highest elevation I've found in Portishead...
    ...I didn't know how long it would be, but figured it'd be around the HM mark. Not a bad estimate! :-)

  9. Jonathan D.

    Nice run, Gia. Are you actually a machine?!

  10. Giacomo Squintani

    You are not the first to use that expression, Jonathan...
    ...and no, I'm not! If I were, I'd go a lot faster! :-)

  11. Jason Hughes

    Such an early start!

  12. Giacomo Squintani

    I try to get home by 7:45, Jason. Got two young'uns so find it easier to run at silly o'clock than in the evening. Predicted run time determines alarm time. I don't feel that crazy now, it's in the winter that I occasionally question my sanity... well, everyone else on here does, anyway!

  13. Jason Hughes

    I have the kids too, but work from home and so have to grab my runs at lunchtime.

  14. Giacomo Squintani

    I work from home most of the time too... I'm just stupid :-)