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Wozzy - Rich Warren

Farsley, England, United Kingdom
  • 53
  • 418.8
    miles Ridden
  • 261

3.3 Liverpool to Leeds Canal Eastbound

Ride July 18, 2016
  • 125.5mi
  • 955ft
  • 12:15:38
    Moving Time
  • 7,047
  • 158
    Relative Effort
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  1. Spunky Nutsquid

    My hero. Hat off mate.

  2. Richard Powell

    Well done mate

  3. Peter M.

    Class! Still coming un for a pint, tomorrow?

  4. Wozzy - Rich Warren

    That feels great to have completed! Believe me, this time last night, I was so fatigued I didn't believe I had a chance.

  5. Wozzy - Rich Warren

    OMG have you seen that heart rate! So low (for me) - endurance is usually 130 and standard commute 150.

  6. David Hopkins

    Well done. Forgot to check you made it back last night. Again, well done.

  7. Phillip A.

    Was it just fatigue bringing it down? In Girona I saw a general 5-7% drop in HR at one point without any noticeable loss in power.

  8. Wozzy - Rich Warren

    Does fatigue affect HR in that direction? (Thought it would go up?) At end, felt strong enough to hit 20 on the quiet stretches.

  9. Phillip A.

    Could do.. from interweb search - If you are a little tired from the previous day, your heart rate may be elevated, by contrast if you have completed several days or weeks hard training and you feel very ‘run down’, your heart rate will be lower than normal. I mentioned it to the coach in Girona and he didn't seem concerned - instead he was pleased that I recognised a difference in the figures. I didn't feel tired like you didn't but a definite dip in HR was visible

  10. Wozzy - Rich Warren

    Maybe then. Other tricky bit is that I'm not used to off-road riding which is naturally less consistent, so not got the hours of background to compare to.

  11. Gordon Clarke

    Thats some ride my friend blimey

  12. Wozzy - Rich Warren

    Cheers; was part 3 for the weekend. Glad it wasn't yesterday else I'd have been crispy.