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Easy rider. Exploration with Mr. Savidge.

  • 24.4km
  • 111m
  • 1:21:15
    Moving Time
  • 424


  1. Neela J.
    Neela Jacques

    Any chance you'll post the Paris - Roubaix ride?

  2. Nate "The Kaiser" A.
    nate "The Kaiser" adler

    congrats on your paris-roubaix. a shame your garmin took a poop on you.

  3. Harry C.
    Harry Campbell

    Great job at P Roubaix young man, I look forward to following your career for a long time.

  4. Hank S.
    Hank Sender

    Nice job at Paris-Roubaix!

  5. Alain R.
    Alain Rumpf

    Well done at P-R... hope to see you soon in Tuscany

  6. Theo S.
    Theo S.

    we want Roubaix!!! :o))) I wonder when the day will come and you challenge Tommeke and Spartacus! Can't wait!

  7. Jed H.
    Jed Hazen

    way to kill it in PR!

  8. Carson C.
    Carson Christen (TriSutto)

    I believe he said the Garmin file was corrupt and couldn't be downloaded.

  9. Greg F.
    Greg Furry

    Well done yesterday!

  10. Brian S.
    Brian Stiewing

    Looks like someone had the eye of the tiger. Nice ride in P.R.

  11. Todd H.
    Todd H.

    "...and I'm quite, quite tired."

  12. Ben P.
    Ben P.

    Hey mate what happened to your upload of PR? it looked like it half loaded :(

    great riding though dude!!!

  13. Jp B.
    JP Bolle

    Rock solid race at Roubaix on sunday. You were really impressive...

  14. Taylor P.
    Taylor Phinney

    I messed up the recording... Only showed a straight line from Compiegne to Roubaix. Was heartbroken!

  15. Jean Christophe C.
    Jean Christophe C.

    If you still have the data, try to upload it using Garmin connect/communicator. If it works, then export it from the Garmin software in a different format, one that Strava will recognize. then try to upload again on Strava. I've had this happen to me once and was able to fix it that way.