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fast day, sagan wins. minor injury.

  • 202.2km
  • 3,512m
  • 4:55:19
    Moving Time
  • 8,109
  • 113
    Relative Effort


  1. Simon E.

    Cannondale bossed the stage !!

  2. Stuart M.

    Spoiler alert!

  3. Peter Valkema

    kom net thuis, zet het tourjournaal aan, mezelf gelukkig prijzend nog niets te hebben gezien van de etappe en niet te hebben gehoord wie er won. upload ondertussen m'n ritje van vandaag, zie uit m'n ooghoek de feed van de renners die ik volg en.... bedankt Laurens!! ;-)

  4. Peter S.

    And I was going to watch that later!!!

  5. Peter S.

    Good luck in the Pyrenees :-)

  6. Mark Brandon R.

    How on earth do you eat 8000 calories in a day :/

  7. Felipe G.

    Mr. Kom

  8. Pascal ROYER

    Good luck, bonne chance, for the Pyrénées. From your Strava follower of Ajaccio.

  9. Mike H.

    Thanks for ruining this evening's entertainment!

  10. Alfonsin S.

    EVERYONE! Laurens is not riding with a power meter. The watts and energy consumption numbers are based on Strava estimating his effort over the terrain as if he were riding alone. It cannot know that he often benefits from the draft of riding in a large group of racers, which is where the elevated power and energy consumption numbers come from. His actual power and energy consumption numbers are no doubt very impressive. However, they are not the numbers shown here.

  11. Strava A.

    Double figure gradients double figure speeds and tiny heart rates ouch eyewatering amazing performance wow :)

  12. Ant M.

    Lol - damn spoiler :p Nice one Laurens - looks like a lot of fun.

  13. Michael van Dijk

    beetje jammer van die segments ;p

  14. Christopher Caschette

    Huge ride in the stage-awesome job!!

  15. Andrius Ⓥ Vegan

    Well done Laurens. I looked at Roy Jeremy strava data, and it looks that he covered 217km vs yours 202km. Does anyone know why there is such a difference? Is it just different GPS device? Yesterdays stage, he also covered more km than you. Thx, and keep going.

  16. Strava A.

    Not sure its a gps glitch for roy check out some sections they have wierd profiles i.e d613 says11,5% roys shows flat with decline:/

  17. Strava A.

    @andrius. The ride was 205 km. perhaps jeremy went to see some relatives along the route?

    Succes morgen op de bergen!

  18. Barry K.

    just sat down to watch tv highlights and you gave winner away! kudos all the same.

  19. Strava A.

    Klaasjan you may be right they appear to have done different opening sections:)

  20. All B.

    Kick some ass with Belkin the next days!

  21. Tony Johnson

    Saw you today, riding back from finish, didn't get a chance to shout out! Good luck in the mountains.

  22. Valdis Andersons

    Man, spoilers! You're doing great btw. :)

  23. paul donohue

    crackin ride big fella, good luck in the mountains!

  24. Alec H.

    I am hoping for your stage win!

  25. Ian Biller

    Great seeing you on the ITV show last night!

  26. Jason C.

    thanks LtD - what's the details of the injury?

  27. Aaron S.


  28. Oleg ★ Descenders

    To anyone complaining about TdF spoilers: instead of complaining, in the future please avoid any cycling related or news related websites. Yes, this includes strava newsfeed. It's that simple. Really.

  29. Mark S.

    Are you still using your Giant training bike?!?!

  30. Mike H.

    To smeg descender. I would expect a spoiler of news, face book or the tdf site, not the title of a ride on Strava. Thanks for the advice though, helpful....

  31. Rob Bosma

    AD.nl had het over bizarre snelheden. Harde rit, erg warm weer, een uitputtingsslag lijkt me.

  32. Guillaume E.

    ^ to mike : now you'll know.
    To Laurens : hope you're ok. Too bad the stats are irrelevant due to bad elevation data. Roy climbed 2500m and you 3500, wtf?

  33. Tom L.

    Good work mate but come back when you've done the RAB

  34. Brendon Stevens (Pure Savage)

    18 KOM in a row.. Awesome!

  35. Michael Killion

    The Pyrenees is where it will happen.

  36. Marco de Boer

    Hopefully your injury stays minor

  37. Marcel Y.

    LTD: Fantastic!

  38. Jerome D.

    Yeah, what een machtsvertoon net op Ax 3 Domaine!

  39. Alessio D.

    great, great, great stage 8!

  40. Philipp Diegner

    Absolutely fantastic Laurens!!!

  41. Long Troc

    excellent ride today Mr Ten Dam, well done!

  42. Erik R.

    Nio. 5. CG!!

  43. tony bourke

    Great ride today

  44. 1963/Ernst Braakman

    Man man man wat reed jij geweldig goed zaterdag 6 / juli. Diep respect je bent voor mij de kopman

  45. 1963/Ernst Braakman

    Man man Laurens wat een enorme prestatie vandaag za 6/7. Je moet echt trots zijn op jezelf. Eindelijk een doping vrije tour waar talent boven komt drijven. .!!! !dit vast en vanaf hier door naar een rit overwinning ::-)

  46. Erik J

    Wauw......Laurens en Bauke in top 5....

  47. Roberto Herradura Zwift Team ZF18 -

    Kudos en Respect heer Ten Dam , keep up the good work !

  48. Jim Frith

    That's awesome!

  49. Johnny Kuhfahl

    Woooo cannondake

  50. Johnny Kuhfahl