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Jim Sota

Rockwood, PA
  • 7
    Activities in 2019
  • 69.8
    miles Ridden in 2019
  • 50

Mt Davis Challenge 2016 Course

Ride July 24, 2016
  • 40.9mi
  • 4,964ft
  • 2:48:26
    Moving Time
  • 1,862
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  1. michael bodick
    michael bodick

    How are the road conditions this year?

  2. Jim Sota
    Jim Sota

    3 short sections of Mt. Davis Road have been resurfaced. They did not patch the road in between these sections but there is a clear line around the holes and these will be marked. St. Paul road is pretty much the same as last year, the first part has some rough areas, but if you ride on the right of left side of the lane you can avoid these. These will also be marked. The rest of the roads are in great shape.

  3. michael bodick
    michael bodick

    Ok cool, looks like the new climb is maybe more of a steady grade then old??

  4. Jim Sota
    Jim Sota

    It starts off with a steady climb but it does have a couple steeper sections. You also climb a bit higher than the Fort Hill Road did and you do a short down hill before the intersection of Fort Hill Road and Pumpkin Center Roads.


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