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Zwift - Watopia vEveresting Epic KOM Reverse

Virtual Ride
  • 265.9km
  • 9,024m
  • 14:29:42
    Moving Time
  • 8,826
  • 434
    Suffer Score


  1. George M.
  2. George M.
    George Mihailides | www.riderlevel.com

    And compared to a 'real' Everesting?

  3. Gary B.
    Gary B.

    Matches up pretty well in terms of effort required.

  4. Silvio D.
    Silvio D.


  5. Gary B.
    Gary B.

    Interesting doing one with a 12-25 cassette.

  6. Andy V.
    Andy van Bergen :: HELLS 500

    I'm coming around to the idea... I think it's only fair that I do one eventually! Congrats - this one is up in the vEveresting hall of fame!

  7. Christian P.
    Christian P.

    super cool Gazza!

  8. Philip N.
    Philip Natividad

    vSherpa fail .. but huge congrats mate

  9. Greg L.
    Greg L.

    A belated congratulations Gazza. Shame on me for not spotting this earlier. You would've won the Strava OCDest rider of the month with this for sure ;)