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Morning Swim; Ironman Vineman sans wetsuit

  • 2.4mi
  • 50:39
    Moving Time


  1. Jason V.
    Jason van der Merwe

    Did you literally upload this during ironman vineman?!

  2. Jason V.
    Jason van der Merwe

    also, that's insanely fast.

  3. Mateo A. 🏍.
    Mateo A. 🏍.

    +1 to Both things @jason said

  4. Mateo A. 🏍.
    Mateo A. 🏍.

    http://track.ironman.com/newathlete.php?rid=828282000&race=Vineman&bib=2319&v=3.0&beta=&1469892600 Go Valko!

  5. Stefan 🇫.
    Stefan 🇫🇷

    Swim: division 2, gender 6, overall 8 lol I assume there are pros, someone isn't here to joke around.

  6. Jason V.
    Jason van der Merwe

    12 or so pros! They couldn't wear wetsuits though

  7. Dave R.
    Dave Rozsnyai

    Congrats ANDRE VALKO! Is that your race pseudonym?

  8. Jason V.
    Jason van der Merwe

    Just for clarification valko didn't wear a wetsuit. So he beat most of the pros on the swim

  9. Andrew V.
    Andrew V.

    Bluetooth sync for mid-race uploads is awesome. Also not wearing a wetsuit is awesome. I'm not sure where the name typo came from. :-)

  10. Alex L.
    Alex L.

    Dude you are jacked.

  11. Andrew G V.
    Andrew G V.

    Great pics Aquaman!