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Dave Chalk

Burgess Hill, West Sussex, United Kingdom
  • 137
    Activities in 2018
  • 3,024.6
    miles Ridden in 2018
  • 118

#12 Ride London

Ride July 31, 2016
  • 99.0mi
  • 3,924ft
  • 4:27:09
    Moving Time
  • 4,461
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  1. Andrew B.
    Andrew B.

    Well done Dave! Awesome achievement

  2. Tim Lawson
    Tim Lawson

    Awesome day! And awesome collection of PR's :)

  3. Sally M.
    Sally M.

    Wow, look at your average speed and time, you totally smashed your target :-D Well done, hope you enjoyed it.

  4. Dave Chalk
    Dave Chalk

    I'm still in a state of disbelief, can't believe I just did that. The most exhilarating four and a half hours of my life, a day never to be forgotten. Thank you all for your nice comments

  5. Theresa Chalk
    Theresa Chalk

    Super duper. Knew you could and you did

  6. Julian Banasiewicz
    Julian Banasiewicz

    It's a mental event. So fast. Well done.

  7. Dave Chalk
    Dave Chalk

    Thanks Juilan, pinnacle of my cycling achievements, perfect weather today... we were blessed. Well done to you too.

  8. Ian Kentsley
    Ian Kentsley

    Absolutely amazing pace Dave.

  9. Gary Jones
    Gary Jones

    Congratulations on the time Dave. Stunning.

  10. Dave Chalk
    Dave Chalk

    Many thanks Nomads, riding with you guys played a big part in my success yesterday, you gave me the experience & confidence to get through... can't wait to get out with you again.

  11. Dave Chalk
    Dave Chalk

    Gary, your Strava record hasn't come up yet, how did you get on, did you get your sub-5?

  12. Gary Jones
    Gary Jones

    Hi Dave. It's seems to be stuck between Garmin Connect and Strava. I'm going looking for it.
    We got 2 of the Nomads team members in under the 5 hours - sadly we couldn't keep the group together for the whole distance.

  13. Dave Chalk
    Dave Chalk

    Mine took a while to come through as well Gary, must have been the demand. Well done for going sub-5, maybe I'll join your group next year.

  14. Steve N.
    Steve N.

    Incredible ride! Solo all the way, right ;)

  15. Malcolm F.
    Malcolm F.

    Great ride & beastly pace. What happened to the 100th mile?

  16. Dave Chalk
    Dave Chalk

    Only on the hills Steve :)

  17. Dave Chalk
    Dave Chalk

    Malcolm, that went missing in Limehouse tunnel, no GPS in there :(


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