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Headlands Raid

  • 38.3km
  • 631m
  • 1:26:51
    Moving Time
  • 748
  • 39
    Suffer Score


  1. Alex L.
    Alex L.

    YEAHHHHH DUDE!!!!!!!

  2. Yann K.
    Yann Kerhervé

    Hell yes! Babies make you fly.

  3. Robert H.
    Robert Halton

    Super Star!

  4. Alex L.
    Alex L.

    You guys have no idea how stoked I am. This shit is getting sent to the Mission list. I already know the story ...

  5. Ken O.
    Ken O.

    BOOOOOOM!!!!! The legend nails it by 2 whole seconds....

  6. Vitaly G.
    Vitaly G.

    I think this merits officially changing your name from "The Legend" to "The Rocket," tho I'll have to run that by Yujin first, as he's in charge of these things and all. Awesome job!

  7. David B.
    David Blizard

    I have a feeling that this one might stick for a long time!

  8. Joey R.
    joey rose

    well done, joe. looking forward to joining you guys for a raid soon.