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"You can't get theya from heeya"

  • 91.2mi
  • 6,177ft
  • 4:56:07
    Moving Time
  • 4,324


  1. Cody LaVack

    Nice to see you back on the bike Ted. I hope the shoulder is healing nicely!

  2. Noah L.

    I love that your first ride back included Hurricane Mountain Road. Plus, your ride title is awesome.

  3. Mark F.
    Mark F.

    Rooting for you!

  4. Shayne Gaffney | GC Coaching

    Men from Maine, nice touch

  5. Timothy P.
    Timothy P.

    nice ride, i sure do miss Fryeburg. believe it or not.

  6. Greg H.
    Greg H.

    Nice to see you back in NH Ted. Hopefully wounds are healing. Any chance we'll see you in the Vuelta?

  7. Mike fn Smith

    To which you replied, "Of course I can, I'm Ted Frickin' King."

  8. Laurent M.
    Laurent M.

    welcome back to Strava

  9. Will Cobb

    Hope your shoulder is healing well. Best of luck with the rest of your season!

  10. Nick Leger

    still bummed about the DQ

  11. Tim B.
    Tim B.

    White Mountain Gran Fondo on 8/24. You should ride if you're still around.

  12. Danny Staten

    I hope that shoulder is doing better.

  13. Guy R.
    Guy R.

    The Return of the KING!

  14. Big Ern McCracken

    How are the roads on evans notch smooth of beat up its been a while.

  15. Geoff L.
    Geoff L.

    Welcome back Ted. There have been MANY of us out here praying for you and cheering you on. You held your head high in France and made a lot more fans throughout the world. Thanks again!

  16. Patrick D.
    Patrick D.

    You got a raw deal in the Tour Ted, but it was inspirational to see how you handled it - nice job and good luck through the rest of the season and into nest year's Tour! --a fellow racer and fan from New England.

  17. Tommy A.
    Tommy A.

    That's the annual memorial day classic route for Back bay cycles in Portland, but that ride goes clockwise. Great route.

  18. JB Haglund : Team I Hate Cancer

    Visiting the better-half's family in NH, out for a ride and thinking "I bet Ted is already back training and putting in the miles." Lo and behold...

  19. Tommy Pace

    I like this ride. Welcome home.

  20. Don Bracci

    Love the title of your ride. I am so glad to see you back on the bike.

  21. tom cochran


  22. Rogier "Dutch" G.
    Rogier "Dutch" G.

    Ted, you ride with soul! Thanks for your post on your blog today! Kudos to you and your amazing attitude! You will be racing again soon!

  23. Roger Weston

    Welcome back East. Proud of you.

  24. Todd Griffin

    Welcome back! Great job.

  25. Benjamin H.
    Benjamin H.

    Welcome to my world!

  26. Geoffrey Silverstein

    Hope you're feeling good and back on the bike.

  27. Stanton L.
    Stanton L.

    Way to go Ted!!! You got a raw deal from Le Tour. Despite your injuries you battled bravely to hang in on the TTT. That showed a lot of heart and determination and embodies the spirit of the tour. The directors should have recognized that and embraced it!

  28. Robert Z.
    Robert Z.

    Feelin' bettah?

  29. Jana Morse

    Your indomitable spirit and grace in the face of bitter disappointment are a credit to the sport at a time when such credit is sorely needed. Many now know your name who may never have done so otherwise. Not everybody has the benefit of seeing it scrawled on the pavement with every repeat of Paris Mountain, after all.

  30. B Greer

    Nice work, Mr. King. Your effort was incredible. They can't take that away from you. I hope you are well, all the best.

  31. Dave M.
    Dave M.

    Welcome home Ted. Nothing like some time home and NH maple syrup to clear the mind and heal the body. You should drop by the Prouty ride in Hanover Saturday. Rumor has it there are about 2000 Ted King fans riding :-)

  32. Zach Magoon

    Well done Ted in the TDF. Shitty cards this year. All the best with your recovery and beyond.

  33. stevie .

    it's good to see you back Ted, hope the shoulder feels better. you did a helluva job, we're proud of you.

  34. erik kowalski

    Did you get caught in that rain storm this morning? When I was ridding through it on 16 this morning it felt like hail

  35. Marco Luthe

    Good to see you up and riding again. Sorry about the TDF, but you did all you could. Missed your Strava uploads! ;-)

  36. Wade Wegner

    Nice riding today and can't wait to see you in the next race!

  37. Greg R.
    Greg R.

    Welcome back and welcome BACK!!!

  38. Bruce Sinclair

    You're an inspiration! Hope you're healing well... Go Ted!

  39. Kenny Chui

    Welcome back!

  40. Jeff McCachren

    You're a rock star Ted! Heal up and crush it!

  41. Tom Carson

    Good to have a report from you again. Best wishes in the time ahead.

  42. Nelson H.
    Nelson H.

    Welcome back to New England!

  43. J.D. H.
    J.D. H.

    Ahh Ted - back amongst the granite. Nothing like home. I felt your pain over the puddle. You handled it like a champion.

  44. Ken McGuinness

    Welcome Home!

  45. Pete D.
    Pete D.

    Aya, great effaht, jeesum chrome!

  46. Frank G.
    Frank G.


  47. Frank E.
    Frank E.

    Hope you're feeling better. Good to see you back on Strava.

  48. Carlos H.
    Carlos H.

    keep it up ted, hope your arm feels better. You are one amazing cyclist you will be racing again in no time what happened at the TTT will just make you stronger, they shouldve of recognized your great riding even on your own

  49. Michael H.
    Michael H.

    Good luck for the rest of the season !!

  50. Justin H.
    Justin H.

    honored to have your name on this loop. Shocked when I heard about the tour. Go Ted... maybe you got to sprint some bird dogs on 113.