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Bridge of the Gods half marathon with Ken & Andy, 2nd place. Legs had *mostly* forgiven the mountains...

  • 13.0mi
  • 1,007ft
  • 1:18:40
    Moving Time
  • 6:01/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,470


  1. Makka 🏃

    Was this the race?

  2. Ryan snell

    Nice race with brutal elevation CW

  3. Charlie Wartnaby

    Ta, yes the Oregon race, sorry for slow description. 4 mins quicker than last years winning time -- but sadly 2 mins slower than this year's!

  4. Chris Darling

    Well done! Looks hilly!

  5. James T.

    Well done; but they could have taken the course up some of the proper looking hills :-)

  6. Charlie Wartnaby

    (Bit of a timezone thing going on here, sorry...) Hey, there was a flight of 30 or so steps up on the way out, down on the way back... and a marshalling cock-up which had our leading group of 3 basically stopping to ask the way for a few sec. Cheers!

  7. Julian H.

    Great run