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Mammoth x4; #seeyouinchamonix!!!

  • 33.0mi
  • 9,693ft
  • 6:08:48
    Moving Time
  • 11:10/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 5,702


  1. Charlie Potts

    oh get REAL

  2. Michał Nowakowski

    1st in Chamonix? Bet you can do it ;)

  3. Kim G.

    Awesome vert and profile! You are ready!

  4. Alistair Flowers


  5. Bernie R.


  6. Alex Lohr

    Only 4?

  7. Jimmy Elam

    Dude I'm so tired. You wrecked me!! Hahah. I was probably talking too much as well

  8. YiOu Wang

    Amazing! We will #seeyouinchamonix fast!

  9. Tim Tollefson

    Thanks everyone! Getting excited :)
    Alex, it was an "easy" day ;)

  10. Tim Tollefson

    Jimmy so much fun sharing some with you. Again tomorrow?!

  11. Topher G.

    Right on! You are ready!

  12. Mirek P.


  13. Guille C.

    Good job Tim! Go get them in Chamonix :)

  14. Grant Saunders

    You've got this, go get it.

  15. Tanner Hallihan

    See you in my chamois

  16. Fernando De Samaniego Steta

    Your run was part of our dinner discussion today, you beast!! #seeyouinchamonix :)!!

  17. Daniel Baluyot

    1 2 3 to you David and Zach!

  18. David Roche

    INSANITY!!!! You are ready!!!