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Knee Knacker WIN! 2nd fastest time in 25yr history :) Amazing field of runners, very happy with this one!

  • 27.4mi
  • 8,361ft
  • 4:41:28
    Moving Time
  • 10:16/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 4,649


  1. Brent Colwell

    That's some serious elevation gain! Congrats on the win!!!

  2. Monty W.

    Great job Gary.

  3. Andrew McDouall


  4. Laurence Rumble

    Glad the injury didn't hold you back. Storming effort, Mr. R!

  5. Mike A.

    Well done sir

  6. Nord K.


  7. Eric H.

    You sure know how to win them in style Gary!

  8. Chris Koch

    Congratulations Gary! Fantastic day for it!

  9. Nolberto Rezola

    Magnificent stuff!

  10. Dayna R.

    great job !!

  11. Ron S.

    It's probably due to you removing the 'flat time'. Good job

  12. Nathan B.

    Way to go man! You killed it out there. Heard it was quite the battle near the end there!

  13. Gary Robbins

    Thanks guys! It was a crazy race with a near sprint finish. I felt very fortunate to pull this one out and couldn't have asked for a better day.

  14. Will Thomas

    PR's & CR's for GR. Awesome run.

  15. Tom Martin

    Nice one!!

  16. Brad S.

    great work Gary