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Grand Targhee Gran Fondo 07/13/2013 Moose, WY

  • 33.9mi
  • 4,802ft
  • 4:34:08
    Moving Time
  • 1,808


  1. Sheli T.
    Sheli Thomas

    Yay you!!! This looks exhausting!

  2. Kitty W.
    Kitty W.

    I have a chance to redeem myself three weeks from now. I intended this race to build my confidence; instead I destroyed it.

  3. Sheli T.
    Sheli Thomas

    Oh buck up buttercup! We all fall down! Pick yourself up and Kill that Pierre's Hole race!! (Easy for me to say since I'm bailing on it . . . :-))

  4. Ed W.
    Ed Warner

    You'll kick ass Deb. Ride with fire in your belly

  5. Kitty W.
    Kitty W.

    WHA?! you are bailing?

  6. Sheli T.
    Sheli Thomas

    Sadly, yes. I had an epiphany during the brutal climb in Sun Valley; I'm too old to enjoy that much suffering any more . . . just riding for fun now. You're not as old as me though, so you have to keep going for awhile!! :-)

  7. Kitty W.
    Kitty W.

    NOooo! Don't tell me that. Now I am sad.

  8. Sheli T.
    Sheli Thomas

    Well . . . you never know about me; if I get a sudden burst of energy, I might decide to still go . . . we'll see!

  9. Kitty W.
    Kitty W.

    You can always switch to the 33-mile. I considered it myself. Then you can ride all the new sections but you only have to go around once :) Even the 33-miler is probably 4.5 or 5 hours out on the course.