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Alain H

Eltham, VIC, Australia
  • 148
    Activities in 2018
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High Wind - Hard Rain - Kinglake Four Ways

Ride July 14, 2013
  • 168.1km
  • 3,564m
  • 6:48:11
    Moving Time
  • 5,030
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  1. Alain H
    Alain H

    This ride is for Alex M, who planned it, but who could not come after crashing yesterday: http://app.strava.com/activities/66639638

  2. Cyril Dixon
    Cyril Dixon

    Well done Alain, very tough ride.

  3. benny frenkel
    benny frenkel

    Bloody hell man- huge effort without the weather- superhuman with it.

  4. Alain H
    Alain H

    Thanks guys. Probably the worst weather, overall, I've ridden in - I'll never trust a weather forecast again! We shortened Alex' planned route a little, not venturing back up to Pheasant Creek as the cross winds across the big hill were just too dangerous. Coming back down from KL central to KL I almost lost control when hit by a gust and Blake was blown clear across to the oncoming lane, at which point a car undertook him! We also avoided riding on the Melba, in part because of an unusually high degree of driver animosity up to that point - though we got our fair share on the Mt Slide climb anyway!

  5. Cyril Dixon
    Cyril Dixon

    Alain which forecast wasn't forecasting rain and wind all day! Mt Donna was alright as most of the time we were protected except the summit. Super effort by u boys today.

  6. loc tran
    loc tran

    massive effort alain! u r mad.

  7. Blake P.
    Blake P.

    You're crazy! Epic ride mate...EPIC!!

  8. Alex McCallum ♉
    Alex McCallum ♉

    FANTASTIC Alain, what an effort and success you've pulled off in that weather, as your trio rode away from KG and I saw those black clouds on the KL ranges I knew that was going to be a super effort and you did it. I couldn't get my internet working at home last night for some reason. Couldn't see the ride till this morning. Super effort GreenWEGDEe! Ed climbed Ventoux on Bastille Day!

  9. Blake W.
    Blake W.

    Alain - I'm sorry, I should have caught the removal of your second sock on video. I would never have believed it was physically possible for one sock to contain so much water, but the second one topped it.

  10. Alex McCallum ♉
    Alex McCallum ♉

    Hey Alain, George who did GWC ride on Saturday did this ride on same day, July 14, as you four did.

  11. Alain H
    Alain H

    Extraordinary! It looks like we passed on opposite sides of the road near Pheasant Creek around 10:20 and then maybe around the Kinglake rest area at midday. He went a whole lot further after that.

  12. Alex McCallum ♉
    Alex McCallum ♉

    Good detective work Alain.

  13. George Mihailides | www.riderlevel.com
    George Mihailides | www.riderlevel.com

    I don't remember seeing anyone...except for a solo rider giving it up at the top of KL and some people at the bottom of Humevale rd, who were parked down there and looked like they were gunna do some Humevale repeats (they were parked down there).

    ...I really thought I was the only nutter on the road that day...haaa!...little did I know I had some esteemed company... :-)

  14. George Mihailides | www.riderlevel.com
    George Mihailides | www.riderlevel.com

    Gents, coincidentally, found this today from Strava. You are going to love it:


    Alain, you are correct...this tool does indeed show we crossed paths twice, once at Pheasant Creek, the other at Kinglake..

  15. Cyril Dixon
    Cyril Dixon

    Strava stalker tools

  16. Alain H
    Alain H

    Wow, it's like veloviewer on steroids! This has confirmed a suspicion I was about to voice. We took shelter for a moment under an awning at Pheasant Creek and that's when you rode past George - so you wouldn't have seen us. Then you left the Kinglake shelter just a minute before we arrived at it. Crazy! Now to review some races ...


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