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Palos Verdes 14-Lap LoopFest - Triple Century

  • 301.8mi
  • 23,804ft
  • 21:43:12
    Moving Time
  • 10,676
  • 821
    Suffer Score


  1. Tim Landwerlen

    Great job man! I can't wait to see you on the 508!

  2. Steven Burns

    Thanks. Looks like you're having a great trip too.

  3. Tim Landwerlen

    Yeah, not bad at all. When I get back we'll have to talk about the 508. It looks like you're prepared!

  4. Steven Burns

    When do u return to 29 Palms?

  5. Tim Landwerlen

    Aug 7th-ish

  6. Steven Burns

    ...ish? Ok. We have lots of time. Still haven't started to recruit the rest of the team. You're my #1!

  7. Tim Landwerlen

    Yeah, I have to fly to Seattle and drive my truck back. Who knows how tired I'll be... I may need to stop and sleep often, therefore the "ish".

  8. Marshall Saville

    Amazing ride Steve, How did you feel at the end?

  9. Marshall Saville

    Did you get any sleep?

  10. Steven Burns

    Marshall, thanks for noticing the ride. I didn't get any sleep - that would have made it multiple rides. But I did take a few long breaks: Lunch in Lunada Bay, Dinner at Starbucks in Golden Cove, Breakfast at the same - and a couple of Mountain Dew breaks in Miraleste. I wanted to experience what it was like to ride through the night and continue after the sunrise. I did the Grand Tour Triple Century last year but finished at around 3:30am - I wanted to see what it was like to see the sun rise and keep going. This is part of my training for the Furnace Creek 508 in October.

    But I actually felt great. I'm now thinking of doing 19 laps (400 miles) in August and not taking breaks. The problem is that would be close to 35,000' which is more climbing than in the FC508. Interested in joining me? I had about 8 people start with me but they only last 2 laps. Then a friend rode 107 miles from the Valley to do laps 6 and 7 with me before he rode back home. One of the guys who rode with me in the morning found me at 12:30am and delivered an In-and-Out burger - which was a great surprise.

  11. Marshall Saville

    I would be interested in riding a few laps with you to cheer you on. Let me know when you do this next time

  12. Steven Burns

    Hey Marshall. Connect with me on Facebook. I created a new Loopfest event on FB for 19 laps (400 miles) in about 3 weeks