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W5D7 - 4.5 hours in Wungong with Duffy

Run August 14, 2016
  • 42.3km
  • 1,180m
  • 4:30:40
    Moving Time
  • 6:24/km
    Avg Pace
  • 3,675
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  1. Hunter D.

    great run.. look like Mr Squiggle had a go at the map.. :)

  2. Ben Harris

    Ha, neither of us knew the place vey well and neither wanted to run the same tracks over again so we just followed out nose...which did not lead us up you favourite hill hahaha

  3. Margie H.

    Awesome run!!!

  4. Meroe R.

    42km just for fun?

  5. Hunter D.

    There is so many tracks in Wungong, I never fully explored the south side though it isn't as hill but has some really nice running

  6. Ben Harris

    We stumbled across a few trails that were new to us both. There was a park we ran into on the north side 'gum tree hill' or similar that had great trails. Would make an awesome parkrun.

  7. Big Kev

    Good running Ben. Will pay dividends...,

  8. Daniel Barnes

    Great run Benno! Huge mileage!

  9. Andrew H.

    Tidy elevation also and steep inclines....

  10. Nick S.

    Nice run Ben :)

  11. Caroline van der Mey

    Well done Ben - great run :)

  12. Tim Nash

    Great place to explore, great run.

  13. Bryant B.

    Great elevation again Ben, Let me know if your doing one this weekend again and I will tag along if you don't mind.

  14. Ben Harris

    Sure Bryant, will probably do similar next weekend as part of a back to back.

  15. Jonathon T.

    well over 1km in VERT has to be worth lots and at pace too, not easy to get over 42km in The Gorge. Looks like you mostly took the easy tracks though...