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Leadville 100

  • 166.2km
  • 3,515m
  • 6:22:47
    Moving Time
  • 4,474
  • 176
    Suffer Score


  1. Chad B.

    Great job and very impressive ride.

  2. Brandon Thornton

    Great race man! That altitude is serious business!

  3. Zach Thorp

    Great seeing you come down the Columbine in the front group - Respect!

  4. bart anderson

    geez joe! that is a awesome result! nice one

  5. Allan clark

    Nice ride Joe

  6. Jack Riddle

    Fantastic ride Joe!!

  7. Jeremy G.

    Congrats on the podium finish! On your first attempt with only a week's course recon and altitude adjustment = amazing!

  8. Steve No Carb Gannon

    I love it! 2nd in Leadville and only 3 points in the red...

  9. Richard Thomas

    Saw you toss a bottle to a boy at Pipeline inbound, very classy move.

  10. Piotr Winiarski

    Dobra robota :)

  11. Michael Moulton

    Saw the feature that Strava did on you and this race. Thanks for sharing your exploits. Very cool that you get to do this for a living.