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Tro Bro Leon Sportive, Lannilis, Bretagne,

  • 115.2km
  • 919m
  • 4:00:56
    Moving Time
  • 2,882
  • 318
    Suffer Score


  1. Equipe Flamme Rouge

    Racing through the farmers fields of Brittany (don't call it France!) with Chris Stephens, Andrew Perree and a couple of hundred others...
    Pick a segment and zoom in on sattellite view

  2. Barry C.

    wow... looked like an amazing route. Any punctures?

  3. Equipe Flamme Rouge

    Hi Barry, this is my third time of trying to get round and complete the course! This time only one. Chris Stephens and Andy Perree both made it without flatting. It's a fine line between screaming over the fields/rocks/potholes and pucturing, or going slower and get shaken to bits! You've got to get it on your list... Pro's race is today.

  4. Equipe Flamme Rouge

    Only one Barry, here's a vid... Leave your Zipps at home!

  5. Kate Motley

    My word that is a lot of cake! It look arduous. Sorry, did you get a flat then? And either way,will you do it again?

  6. Barry C.

    looks outstanding Tony.... was reading about it earlier in the year and definitely want to give it a try next year.

  7. Simon Perchard

    Chapeau !!

  8. Paolo Fruitini

    Mon dieu mon ami! Not too crevasious then? Well done to all!!

  9. Chris Burrough

    Tres Bon Rodney, how did Perree climb 119m less? Youngsters must be short cutting again. Well done.

  10. Dag J M.

    Is there a link to the organizer's website? Has to be one of my favourite races to watch. Will you repeat it?