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preflight openers, nationals and stiffling humidity, here I come

  • 14.9mi
  • 1,844ft
  • 55:02
    Moving Time
  • 850


  1. Menso de Jong

    Best 4 minute power ever! Nationals tapering works, I guess.

  2. John C.

    Thats a seriously impressive number. Good luck @ Natz!

  3. Leopold P.

    WOW! Power!

  4. Michael Z.

    Kill it out there!

  5. Paul Marshall

    Good luck!

  6. Bill Laddish

    Those were a few really awesome efforts..especially the circle to circle climb...

  7. Menso de Jong

    Thanks guys! We'll see if I can get anywhere close to this for approximately 90 minutes of on/off efforts in the 90* 100% humidity of Pennsylvania for XC nats.

  8. Ruben Paredes

    Holy crap that is a fast time going up Harder, respect my friend....

  9. Menso de Jong

    Thanks. It ended being all for nothing, since I broke my chain at the start of nationals. That's mtb racing!