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Leadville Trail 100 - 1st 16:22:39 and third win

  • 97.5mi
  • 14,616ft
  • 16:13:33
    Moving Time
  • 10:05/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 13,573


  1. Warren K.
    Warren Kidgell

    Incredible! You are a true champion!

  2. Justin S.
    Justin Salamon

    Awesome job!! Congrats!!!

  3. Nic T.
    Nic Tinworth


  4. Dan F.
    Dan F.

    That's incredible, Ian. Congrats!

  5. Sharon B.
    Sharon Bareham

    Absolutely phenomenal.... Yeeeeaaaaayyyyy :-)

  6. Sean B.
    sean burles

    Holy shit!

  7. Tommy N.
    Tommy Nunley


  8. James S.
    James S.


  9. John L.
    John Lai


  10. Paul H.
  11. Ronnie D.
    Ronnie D.

    Congrats Ian! My attempt was a success! Boom!

  12. Robert B.
    Robert Boston


  13. Jason G.
    Jason Griffith

    Nice, congrats Ian!

  14. Pete M.
    Pete Mumbower

    You killed that! Congrats!

  15. Sean M.
    Sean Meehan


  16. Flávio J.
    Flávio Júnior

    Congratulations, you're amazing!

  17. Samuel M.
    Samuel M.


  18. Patrick V.
    Patrick Voo

    Congrats Ian!

  19. Frenchy ..
    Frenchy ..

    Legendary!! They should rename the race after you at this point!

  20. Paul C.
    Paul Cook

    Smashing result.

  21. Thorsten M.
    Thorsten Maier


  22. Devon Y.
    Devon Yanko

    Amazing job Ian!!

  23. Steve C.
    Steve Connelly

    Daaaaaamn. Congrats Sharmanian!

  24. David C.
    David C.

    Congrats!! (and your Garmin lasted too :-)

  25. Val E.
    Val Ellwein


  26. Shalini K.
    Shalini Kovach

    Congrats Ian!! Glad I got to chat with you at OR :-)

  27. Posan L.
    Posan Limbu

    awesome!! babaaal!!

  28. Clark H.
  29. Kyle P.
    Kyle Pietari

    You ruin the entire field's UltraSignup percentile at this race. Congrats on the Hope to Winfield Strava CR. At least I got my power lines descent trophy.

  30. Aron S.
    Aron S.

    Awesome run

  31. Joshua H.
    Joshua H.


  32. Clay W.
    Clay Wyatt

    Beast Mode!

  33. Chad L.
    Chad Lauterbach

    Congrats! Wow, that's awesome.

  34. Paul M.
    Paul Morrow

    amazing result!

  35. Larry N.
    Larry Neumann

    Your consistency is second to none. Right there with Killian. So many ultra stars have come and gone since you hit the scene 5 or 6 years ago, and you're still getting better. Truly amazing. Huge congrats Ian.

  36. Jason C.
    Jason C.

    W.T. F.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AWESOME F'n WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Alessandro D.
    Alessandro D.

    that's huge man

  38. Joel A.
    Joel Anderson


  39. Patrik P.
    Patrik Puhala

    Congrats Ian!!

  40. Mario D.
    Mario D.

    Congratulations Ian!!!

  41. Robert K.
    Robert Kain

    Congrats Ian!!!

  42. Justine D.
    Justine D.

    congratulations! simply inspiring!

  43. Tim M.
    Tim Morris

    Simply astounding. Congrats!

  44. Joshua H.
    Joshua Holmes

    Great job, champ! #RunItFast

  45. John D.
    John De Martin

    Ian Sharman congrats!

  46. Frank S.
    Frank Sizemore


  47. Manol D.
    Manol Dimitrov

    Toby Chapman

  48. Toby C.
    Toby Chapman

    Yeh awesome run, consistent

  49. Runner51 R.
    runner51 ragl