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  • 507.4km
  • 2,835m
  • 18:29:29
    Moving Time
  • 10,153
  • 417
    Suffer Score


  1. Sarah G.
    Sarah G.

    That was brutal. Looks like you got into a great group - the chaps I saw in Hilton said they'd tried to start with you guys but it was too extreme. Great work and 2nd overall so far :D

  2. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    We (I) dropped the pace riders on the fens after Whittlesey, puncture but let us go

  3. Gary S.
    Gary S.

    Great ride epic, well done!

  4. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    I paced probably half of the whole thing. Lots of hand shakes for me at the end.

  5. Nutty  N.
    Nutty Netty

    Incredible, James! Amazing!

  6. David P.
    David P.

    Great riding James - incredible achievement!!

  7. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    Beer x2

  8. Alan H.
    Alan Humes (St.Ives.CC)

    Epic ride. Well done James

  9. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    Shit! I missed MO

  10. Marty W.
    Marty W.

    You were second overall?! What a ride!

  11. Jeremy O.
    Jeremy OneLung (JBT)

    Well done, James.

  12. Marty W.
    Marty W.

    Against the wind for over 300 miles too?!

  13. Andrew M.
    Andrew Maxwell

    Epic mate

  14. Jon S.
    Jon S.

    Well done B - I bet it was easier not carrying a ruck sack

  15. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    Damn right

  16. Colin E.
    Colin Edwards

    Nice one!

  17. Paul M.
    Paul M.

    As one of the people you pulled the way down I would say you paced way more than half. A truly outstanding effort.

  18. Dimitri S.
    dimitri span

    flippin heck! ... well done!

  19. Andy M.
    Andy M.

    Epic effort!

  20. Mark C.
    Mark C.

    Incredible effort James. Our pace rider was out on his own until the first stop. No one could stay with him.

  21. Terry J.
    Terry Jones

    Great ride James! :-)

  22. Bob C.
    Bob C.

    Well done mate I'll post the pics of us the missus took

  23. Brian (B) S.
    Brian (B) S.

    Nice one James, bloody strong ride!

  24. Ian M.
    Ian Megginson

    Truly awesome ride

  25. Sebastien C.
  26. Foo T.
    Foo T.

    Good ride James very strong ..!

  27. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    @foo glad you enjoyed, might see you out about, your not too far away.

  28. Sarah G.
    Sarah G.

    Someone told me you were planning to ride back to Cambridge too - hope you saw sense :)

  29. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    only the thought of riding from london central put me off as we were riding in, otherwise I would have, only 60miles from lee valley