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Alain H

Eltham, VIC, Australia
  • 14
    Activities in 2019
  • 1,057.1
    kilometers Ridden in 2019
  • 177

Kelly Country RR. Mas C. 2-up breakaway at Km0, caught at first KOM, dropped at second. C'est la vie :)

Ride August 21, 2016
  • 78.7km
  • 525m
  • 2:13:29
    Moving Time
  • 2,138
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  1. Ned F.
    Ned F.

    Great effort on the breakaway Alain. When you went down the road I thought we wouldn't see you again. Unfortunately for you there were some really strong guys in the bunch (arguably some B graders) who worked hard on the front of the peloton to catch you. On another day your attack might have stuck.

  2. Alain H
    Alain H

    Thanks Shaun, I think my breakaway partner was suffering as we neared the climb too. I ended up putting out my best ever power for 1:01-1:13, exceeding what I did in the Baw Baw breakaway this year, except this time I was coming from a weaker base and couldn't keep it up. It was a lot of fun though! You were storming up the KOM - glad you got it! Shame about all the flat ground!

  3. Ned F.
    Ned F.

    It is a shame about the flat ground. And the downhills too really :)

  4. Joel Byrnes
    Joel Byrnes

    Your reputation has caught up on you Alain...

  5. Frank Zgoznik
    Frank Zgoznik

    Solid ride there Alain. Well done!

  6. Andrew S.
    Andrew S.

    Good to see you out and racing. Solid breakaway - not surprised by your numbers as the were some hard sections just sitting on the peleton.

  7. Paul G.
    Paul G.

    Gutsy break so early. The group sped up after you left. Caught your breakaway partner at the bottom of the climb. And the front riders went pretty hard up the first climb. Pity you were spent by the second climb. Well done


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