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SICC club ride #17 to Horningsea

  • 113.1km
  • 494m
  • 3:35:16
    Moving Time
  • 2,384
  • 174
    Relative Effort


  1. Sarah G.

    Were you in the first A group that kicked me out?!

  2. Kevin H.

    I was lol!

  3. Terry Jones

    Yes - though I didn't know they kicked you out. I yelled a hello as you went off to the left at that roundabout. I thought we must have just overlapped you out on a ride. I was getting ready to make a smart-arse comment about you joining us after we'd just done the two hills :-) So you just jumped onto the next A group?

  4. Sarah G.

    Yep - and I didn't get dropped this time (except a little bit on the Gog, but I got back...)

  5. Terry Jones

    Sarah - I've also been told (in no uncertain terms) not to glom onto a passing SICC A group. They were already a big enough group, or so they thought :-)