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Hariharan Ragunathan

Bellevue, Washington
  • 141

Park to Park Swim 2016

Swim August 21, 2016
  • 2.3mi
  • 1:07:40
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  1. Tim R.
    Tim R.

    Sure, the weather cools off just in time for your swim! How cruel. I hope the swim went well.

  2. Hariharan Ragunathan
    Hariharan Ragunathan

    T Riley water was still warm, but wind again. Too choppy I was thrown off course and hard to maintain a straight line to the finish. But I had good fun swimming that extra yards water:)

  3. Amruta Deshpande
    Amruta Deshpande

    Was this an organized swim ? Part of triathlon ?

  4. Hariharan Ragunathan
    Hariharan Ragunathan

    Amruta Deshpande yes this was an organized swim event - Park to Park Swim, happens every year.


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