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Blustery Bristol - a whole lot of hurting headwind - Sodbury Saddleback sportive

  • 102.7mi
  • 4,403ft
  • 5:57:26
    Moving Time
  • 3,919
  • 360
    Suffer Score


  1. yellow jack

    Nice one!

  2. Kaz Jen [KRT]

    You'd have loved this route YJ. Lot's of country lanes. Hardly any traffic bar tractors and horses. Stunning views over the Cotswolds. Really lovely ride. If the smegging headwind wasn't so annoying. There were stretches where I was on my tod and it really hurt then. Even now I still feel spent.

  3. yellow jack

    It'd be a bit of a trek out to ride it though! I love the Severn valley, especially Berkeley Castle. As I commented on Helz' ride today - I mostly rode in the forest on my MTB, hiding away from the wind as much as possible like a big chickeney Chicken! Loving your work 'capturing' the local QOMs. Bring 'em back to Surrey and hold 'em for ransom...

  4. Andrew C.

    Well done, great ride.

  5. pol.m Model 1957 SZR C

    QOM 2 well done

  6. Helz P.

    I felt so original with Blustery in my strava title yesteday too.... Now I've seen 4 stravas with Blustery... nice one :)

  7. Kaz Jen [KRT]

    I had noticed! It just sums up yesterdays riding perfectly. That and we both had key words beginning with B. The only alternative I can think of is, 'Windy West country'....not quite so catchy!

  8. Helz P.

    Great minds think alike ;)!

  9. Ross Evans

    I used to live in Chipping Sodbury

  10. Kaz Jen [KRT]

    I have family in Chipping Sodbury, Ross. It was glorious going to a sportive that was less than a mile to cycle to in the morning! Now that I've sorted out a bike rack I'm likely to take my bike with me when visiting family. Absolutely stunning area to cycle through.

  11. Ross Evans

    Great roads around there. I have family in Yate. I grew up cycling in that area. Know it really well