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Alex McCallum ♉

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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GreenWEDGE Cycling July Ride - Le Paradis du Nord, ....21/07/2013 Hurstbridge, VIC, Australia

Ride July 21, 2013
  • 43.9km
  • 763m
  • 2:00:21
    Moving Time
  • 1,102
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  1. Jeremy King
    Jeremy King

    Hi Alex, I am disappointed I wasn't able to make the ride today. I messed up (literally). My wife insisted I watch the TDF in bed with her and we both fell asleep just before the broadcast finished. Unfortunately I was sitting propped up with a full cup of coffee in my hand when I fell asleep and was awoken at 3:30am to a pervasive warm wet feeling of the full cup of coffee going right trough all the bed clothes and into the mattress below! My better half insisted I not leave the house this morning until I had cleaned it all up. Anyways ... Looks like you all had a nice time.... Hopefully catch the next one ... P.S Email me if you want any changes to the logo thing or whatever!

  2. Alex McCallum ♉
    Alex McCallum ♉

    There's an undercurrent but I can't quite identify it? I'll give you a ring about logo etc. Glad you had a good ride, fine and sunny even if the wind was a bit savage.

  3. Alex McCallum ♉
    Alex McCallum ♉

    Alain is still out somewhere on the road after our warm up ride. Good luck with the plan Alain. Enjoy!

  4. Jeremy King
    Jeremy King

    No undercurrent... Just lots of washing. Got away with gilet, short sleeves and knicks (just) so was pretty good weather....

  5. Martin Ince
    Martin Ince

    bummer - i missed the ride today .... i need to read my emails more carefully. looks like it was a good but cold day Alex

  6. Leon M.
    Leon M.

    Rapha kudos Alex

  7. Blake W.
    Blake W.

    That madman Alain's shooting for 20km, isn't he?

  8. Alex McCallum ♉
    Alex McCallum ♉

    The three of us really enjoyed this *flat* tapering off ride and I especially liked the Hildebrand and School Roads. Alain pushed on and finished with over 19000 VM this week. **SUPER EFFORT**. I'll do a final text on the Saturday before next ride. Cyril, James and others had fun on the **Circle of Death** too. **BEEN A BIG WEEK FOR GreenWEDGEEs**. Not to mention Le Tour.

  9. Blake W.
    Blake W.

    Sorry I couldn't make it. I crashed hard after the challenge and a hard week of work. Haven't been able to hit the pavement all weekend :(


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