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21/07/13 Bellthorpe again to finish the challenge.

  • 78.0km
  • 3,415m
  • 4:00:42
    Moving Time
  • 3,950


  1. Lachlan Davis

    Had intended on being there all day to do 11 repeats (~6300m) but had a front tyre blowout on the 4th run down which was obviously scary as hell, got spooked and just barely managed to do another 2 runs to get the 7235.

  2. Alistair F.

    Jeez, I hate blowout thankfully both mine have been rears. A front on that hill, no thanks. Well done on the finish.

  3. Lachlan Davis

    Yea the valve stem almost 50% separated from the tube, damned if I know why, no heat in the rims despite the braking, but luckily it happened JUST slowly enough for me to stop safely.

  4. Martin R.

    Scary - that would have been a quick deflation too, rather than the preferable "tyre feels a bit soft there" scenario.

  5. DT dotcom

    Glad ur Ok and still got the job done!

  6. Lachlan Davis

    And that the bike's ok, gotta concentrate on the important stuff! :-)

  7. Eliahi P.

    Well done Lachlan..

  8. isaac dowell

    on fire! love it. good job bruz