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Dave Edwards

Adelaide, Australia, Australia
  • 26
    Activities in 2018
  • 1,029.4
    kilometers Ridden in 2018
  • 419

Everesting the Colle delle Finestre

Ride August 23, 2016
  • 191.2km
  • 8,869m
  • 16:53:44
    Moving Time
  • 8,633
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  1. Kristen S.
    Kristen S.

    You're truly amazing!

  2. Dan H.
    Dan H.

    Giddyupp you good thing!! Man that looked like a rough diamond!

  3. Sean Heagney (Heags)
    Sean Heagney (Heags)

    This looks like the hardest yet most picturesque of the three so far...massive again!

  4. Crispy C.
    Crispy C.

    HUUUUUUUGE. Eric AF mate.

  5. Brett J.
    Brett J.

    congrats Dave

  6. Sam Jeffries
    Sam Jeffries

    Just change your name to Eric Edwards.

  7. Justin L.
    Justin L.

    Incredible! Photos are stunning!

  8. Maverick (.
    Maverick (.

    Unbelieeeevable Dave. While we were sleeping look what you just did. Great videos. Thanks mate.

  9. Mark Perts
    Mark Perts


  10. Shultz H.
    Shultz H.

    Chapeau you mad man! Soo good!
    You need to do the last Everest rep in just your Tatts!

  11. Aaron B.
    Aaron B.

    Awesome... but my ocd says you should have finished the last climb :p

  12. Rob G.
    Rob G.

    Zero chance of you being separated from that bike when you get home !

  13. Bruce Bauer ⛰
    Bruce Bauer ⛰

    Freakin Bad Arss

  14. Mark Slee ☁️
    Mark Slee ☁️

    No words. Just respect.

  15. Daniel Gallagher
    Daniel Gallagher

    Insane - Congrats mate

  16. Jono E
    Jono E

    total legend, congrats, lovely work, nice to see Phil too

  17. Rach L.
    Rach L.

    Wow huge ride!! And awesome pics!! Well done dude

  18. Greg B.
    Greg B.

    Onwards & upwards!! Super impressed once again Dave!! Congrats!!

  19. Jaimie Needs   ☕
    Jaimie Needs ☕


  20. Mike H.
    Mike H.

    Awesome effort Dave, and pics to match

  21. Mark Blackwell
    Mark Blackwell

    I'm loving watching this crazy trip. Fuck you are fucking kicking fucking everesting fucking ass.

  22. Carlo Gironi
    Carlo Gironi


  23. Shayne H.
    Shayne H.

    Epic! Check the road, switchback mania, bet it was fun

  24. George Mihailides | www.riderlevel.com
    George Mihailides | www.riderlevel.com

    This is a remarkable display of intestinal fortitude...so proud of you mate

  25. Frederico Costa Pinto
    Frederico Costa Pinto

    Congrats mate, you're a monster! That sunrise alone is worthy the entire everesting btw great pic!

  26. Jason  J.
    Jason J.

    The greatest Everester in the world ! The stuff of legend! Well done bro

  27. Phil Millham
    Phil Millham

    Great stuff Dave. Doing it once was tough.. 5, well, I hope those fucking beers tasted good!! ;)

  28. Ash R.
    Ash R.

    Kudos bro. You are amazing. Maybe climb Everest for a break?

  29. Charles B.
    Charles B.

    Solid spin dude! Gravel, tan wall 32's and a heap of vm's!

  30. Bill L.
    Bill L.

    Freaking awesome Dave!

  31. Ad Mell
    Ad Mell


  32. John K.
    John K.

    Another outstanding summit, Dave, brilliant work, inspirational. I can "feel the rush" from here ;-)

  33. Paul D.
    Paul D.

    #nothuman #alien

  34. Peter Arnott ||| NBRCC
    Peter Arnott ||| NBRCC

    Fuck yeah muphagar! Brilliant, mate. Brilliant. So much respect

  35. Dave Edwards
    Dave Edwards

    Thanks everyone. That climb was a thing of beauty, so stoked I got to ride it, and even more so to have you all cheering me on from afar, THANK YOU!

  36. Ad Mell
    Ad Mell

    OMG.........he did 4.5 everests in a row.........i hope u r JOKING !!!!

  37. Dave Edwards
    Dave Edwards

    Being trolled by dick rider and his cult makes me smile. He ticked me off once, and I let him know what I thought of him. In the 10 months since then, many times, and across multiple platforms, he has attempted to insult me. What that has done is show how incredibly effective it was to make that one post about him, I pissed him off so bad that he is STILL trying to get back at me. I got under his skin big time, and he is often reminding me of what a good job I did of that.

  38. Rach L.
    Rach L.

    Well done Dave! there is enough negativity in this world without trolling someone else's incredible efforts. Says allot about the type of people they are

  39. Phil Millham
    Phil Millham

    @Dave, yeah, where's the 'like' button? ;)

  40. Bill L.
    Bill L.

    Saw that post earlier, no class, and you are all class Dave, no worries!

  41. John K.
    John K.

    +1 Dave. It beggars belief the depths some will go to, just to try to reassure themselves that they are significant. Speaks volumes about their sad insecurities. Rest and enjoy, Dave.


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