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Yellowstone 400k

  • 251.3mi
  • 8,873ft
  • 17:43:52
    Moving Time
  • 7,707


  1. Dan H.


  2. Justin McPheters

    I bet that was such a beautiful ride!

  3. John Bradford

    Awesome! You are an animal.

  4. Jason G.

    Stunning! Way to go!

  5. Team Laws


  6. “Rando Richard” Stum

    Excellent. I wish I could have joined you guys this year. How was the traffic? Jim Halay said his mileage was a bit short of 600K and now I can see why (did any of you have a 400K cue sheet?); at mile 108.8 there was supposed to be a short out-and-back to an overlook and info CP. Oh well.

  7. Kenneth Samuel

    I didn't have a cue sheet. I don't think the others rode Mesa Falls. Where was the overlook CP?

  8. Kenneth Samuel

    Traffic was never a problem except from Canyon to the lake where there was no shoulder, a mirror was absolutely necessary there.

  9. “Rando Richard” Stum

    See this link for the overlook CP: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/14760816 NE corner of the route.

  10. Kenneth Samuel

    Ah, yes, the road was closed to inspiration point.

  11. “Rando Richard” Stum

    Fire or just closed for construction or something?

  12. Kenneth Samuel

    Construction. There were no fires in that area, just near Madison and down south

  13. Team Laws

    how do you keep your GPS alive on these epic rides?

  14. Jason G.

    Team Laws likely with all of his watts!

  15. Kenneth Samuel

    I carry a spare battery. Some riders have a dynamo hub with usb port that can be used during the day to charge your phone

  16. Kenneth Samuel

    I just run my headlight off my dynamo hub