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UTMB! New watch struggled and died on final climb. Race report soon

Run August 26, 2016
  • 88.4mi
  • 25,197ft
  • 14:35:38
    Moving Time
  • 13:50/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 15,248
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  1. Joey S.


  2. Monica P.

    Was the first 20 a warm up?

  3. Julien Auquier ✌️

    Alors bravo pour ta course , mais vraiment pour être un bon gars avec le smiley :-)))

  4. Scott Palmer

    Congrats.. what a race!

  5. Julie W.

    damn! you had some fast miles in there! congrats!

  6. Trent Warner

    Hats off!

  7. Craig Toews

    Great runTim and congrats on the finish!

  8. Paulo Rozada


  9. Topher G.

    Congrats Tim! Beautiful, smart, textbook UTMB running! Soak it all in!

  10. Szymon Miszczak


  11. Fabien Sieurac

    good job

  12. Alex P.

    Thanks for all Tim!!!

  13. Robert Boston

    Beast mode! Congratulations!

  14. Sam Le Marrec

    Incredible race Tim! congratulation!

  15. André Erlank

    Well done Tim! Hard work = great results!

  16. Scotty Strain

    So awesome! Way to go! Spectacular race!

  17. Matthew H.


  18. Tim Locke


  19. Michael D.

    Congratulations! Good to see you are back to full race health.

  20. Mario Fraioli

    What Topher Gaylord said!

  21. Andrew Curcio


  22. David B.


  23. Heather M.


  24. Kaci L.

    You owned it!!! Proud of you Tim. You ran a smart and strong race. Amazing watching you pick people off. Congratulations and enjoy the recovery.

  25. Camron Stotts- 🍌

    You earned that one! Great to watch all the training leading up and follow it with a strong finish. Kudos!

  26. Trent Gill

    Awesome run. That 25 second kilometre must've been

  27. John Love

    What watch are you using?

  28. H E N K S W E E R S

    Congratulations on a great result and an incredible race Tim!

  29. Christof Räss

    Fantastic performance tim!!! So inspiring to watch your arrival in chamonix... Congrat

  30. Jeff Frk

    Congrats ! Great race !

  31. Andrea T.

    Great job!! Great to have you in Courmayeur the week before the race

  32. Danny DiMeo

    You are insane!

  33. Gary Blanco

    Only 3rdnm

  34. Chris Jones

    Awesome run Tim! Stoked to watch you move up the field. Inspiring performance and very smart UTMB running.

  35. Mr. Mufasa

    Nor cal represent

  36. Avinash Bhardwaj

    Awesome Tim Tollefson , it was so awesome to see you finish live.. Congratulations again!

  37. Mirek P.

    Well, that was awesome and so nice! Nice smile all the time. Enjoy your day!

  38. Kate Maxwell

    Great job Tim!! A few of us were here watching at the finish and you were so inspiring!

  39. João C.


  40. Yvan B.

    Well done Tim, Great and Nice run

  41. Josh Kupershmidt

    Congrats, great work!

  42. Brian Jowder

    Awesome job! Congrats!

  43. Shannon O.

    This run is epic! So exciting to follow the race and watch you moving up!

  44. Carlo Schiavi

    Congrats, Tim!

  45. Håkon Hawkinsen

    Trygve Ådlandsvik Lars Haugland han kom på 3. Plass han her

  46. Daniel Baluyot

    Hashaan Thiyagaraja

  47. Nicolas Martin

    Congrats, Tim! You loves UTMB's races! ;-)