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Turn & Burn 2016: "Last & Final"

  • 5.9mi
  • 823ft
  • 38:30
    Moving Time
  • 420


  1. August Ong   T.
    August Ong - The Cyclery Bike Shop

    Did you change it again Omar?

  2. Omar C.
    Omar C.

    Yes. Changed it back closet to original course.

  3. Omar C.
    Omar C.

    That 10 fwy descent is a bad spot for someone to go down and have help get to them. Few riders mentioned that to me.

  4. August Ong   T.
    August Ong - The Cyclery Bike Shop

    Understand, sketchy loose, but you sure this is IT? Been taking guys around to generate interest

  5. David B.
  6. Omar C.
    Omar C.

    That's it. Steve was asking for a bit shorter to have a 2:50pm finish rather than 2:15pm finish

  7. August Ong   T.
  8. Omar C.
    Omar C.

    Final Answer, and mostly same as last year

  9. Pierce Diesel (Dana) A.
    Pierce Diesel (Dana) A.

    I am on "riding not racing" this yr. looking for another rider to have some fun with me . See you there Omar