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Time for a recovery Fluffernutter

  • 65.4mi
  • 6,260ft
  • 3:44:19
    Moving Time
  • 3,600


  1. Tyler B.

    YES I have Fluff on a bagel after almost every ride. It's my little reward. Welcome Ted!

  2. Ben King

    Ted, I had cinnamon sugar sweet potato fries dipped in marshmallow fluff last week and it changed my life.

  3. Pete D.

    Nutella and chunky peanut butter on whole wheat can't be beat

  4. Ryan R.

    Don't forget the Maple Syrup.

  5. Matthew Lord

    Sweet ride Ted. Vacationing out here in CO and have been hitting some of the same (sort of) routes. Amazing riding out here. Not quite like back on the seacoast.

  6. Steve J.

    Fluffahnuttah if you're from Maine.

  7. Steve J.

    BTW- I am coming out there next week so both you and Matthew better look out!

  8. Chris W.

    I'm a die hard fluffernutter fan, but what Ben described sounds absolutely incredible.

  9. Tony Price

    Ben - those cinnamon sugar sweet potato fries sound pretty amazing!

  10. Lucas K. Ing

    So apparently you know my cousin, Macy?

  11. Andrew T.

    Long live Marshmallow Fluff and Fluffernutter

  12. Craig GOUDY

    Being an aussie, that means nothing to me. Can you please translate into english??

  13. Patti D.

    I am extremely impressed with your "recipes". I needed something with a little more staying power. Thanks guys ;-)

  14. Patti D.

    What a nice thing to say Peter.

  15. Yuri Gonzaga Ⓥ


  16. Scott L.

    Yessah! I haven't had a Fluffernutter since I left Maine.

  17. Mike Trudell

    You didn't spell it correctly... Fluffahnuttah!

  18. Scott L.

    I guess I've been in CO too long. Looks like I need to take a trip back East.