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ToC stage 2 recon, I liiiike! 04/18/2012 Santa Cruz, CA

  • 67.2mi
  • 6,052ft
  • 3:31:54
    Moving Time
  • 3,488
  • 162
    Relative Effort


  1. Guy D.

    I was wondering who was flying by me today on the Bonny Doon climb (sometime between 12pm and 1pm, with a Jersey that had "Kelly" on it). Must have been you! Congrats with the KOM. And good luck in the Tour of California (assuming you were doing a reconnaisance ride today).

  2. Jesse Anthony

    Thanks, Guy. I tried to muster up a little "hello" but I was a bit short on breath. That was an absolutely beautiful ride, and I can't wait to race that stage at AToC. Happy riding!

  3. Guy D.

    Thanks Jesse. Not sure what you thought of that Jamison Creek descent, but that one I found absolutely horrible. It's not that the first 1.7 miles is twisty and very steep (12%), but the fact that it is bumpy makes it very unpredictable.