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Alan Stabler

Queens Park, WA, Australia
  • 168
    Activities in 2018
  • 2,232.6
    kilometers Run in 2018
  • 119


Run September 3, 2016
  • 26.1km
  • 1,129m
  • 3:01:41
    Moving Time
  • 6:57/km
    Avg Pace
  • 2,777
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  1. Ian Newell
    Ian Newell

    Cracking run with great pace

  2. Alan Stabler
    Alan Stabler

    Pain killers and gels, great combination

  3. Ben Harris
    Ben Harris

    Awesome vert to pace ratio!

  4. John E.
    John E.

    You're out of control

  5. Gareth Dean
    Gareth Dean

    Looks fun!

  6. Tim Nash
    Tim Nash

    Great playground that

  7. Dobbo O.
    Dobbo O.

    Wicked looking course. Glad I didn't join at that pace. Maybe next time. Is it well marked? Can you send a gpx?

  8. Alan Stabler
    Alan Stabler

    Can send you one without the final hill. There are a few places where it is hard to see where to turn, glad Rudi was there to guide

  9. Alan Stabler
    Alan Stabler

    Happy to show you...might have to wait till after WTF

  10. Alistair P.
    Alistair P.

    This isn't the Alan stabler I used to know - you've changed. Nice work my friend.

  11. Gareth Dean
    Gareth Dean

    Are you racing WTF?

  12. Alan Stabler
    Alan Stabler

    not sure it will be racing but yes

  13. Ben Harris
    Ben Harris

    Great trading for WTF!

  14. Chris Y.
    Chris Y.

    Well done Al...plenty of KOM's!

  15. Gareth Dean
    Gareth Dean

    Awesome. Great to hear, maybe next year for me.

  16. Attila H.
    Attila H.

    I can't believe have fast you go up and down those hills and still have time for photos

  17. Jonathon  T.
    Jonathon T.

    Intense!!! CR city!!! I know most of that course off by heart and that is an incredible effort, not just for pace and VERT, but terrain and singletrack obstacles too... I've still got you covered on deavin heavin by 5 secs for now...


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