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Day 4: Ballater to Aberdeen. Headwind home of course lol!

  • 69.5km
  • 287m
  • 3:30:13
    Moving Time
  • 2,690


  1. Steven Jamieson

    Proper adventure, nice wan

  2. K Serginson

    Cheers Steven, Yeh has been great. Just need to find some other fool to join me sometime ;)

  3. Colin Smith

    i) Route scouting - you're maybe doing OK there ii) CX-ish setup for your bike (forks taking action on that themselves already) ;-)

  4. K Serginson

    Er..hmm... I think I've done bloody good on the route scouting Colin! ;) Most of what I did that was rideable loaded was CX worthy some would be ace on CX. Only short HAB due to boggy ground. Some HAB I did due to lack of skill/tiredness/load on bike.

  5. Colin Smith

    Yeah, you're making progress - more than you can say for me ;-)

  6. Matthew T.

    More importantly did you manage some scoff in the Braemar Bothy. Last time I was over that way I was massacred by 'ticks'....lesson being don't walk....cycle! :-)

  7. K Serginson

    No, was closed!