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Stage 5. Was itching for Javi to win.

  • 125.3mi
  • 7,887ft
  • 4:59:34
    Moving Time
  • 4,411
  • 114
    Suffer Score


  1. Joseph Nolan

    Good job Alex! 25mph average...wow... Always amazes me the numbers you guys put up.

  2. Paul O.

    Good to see ya bud! Briefly

  3. John P.

    I love it that you're posting this on Strava! Keep going

  4. Dave K.

    well done it looked a tough

  5. Trevor Hannah

    KOM...Trophy....KOM...KOM...etc etc. Good job!

  6. Terry Sandoe #zfg

    Best of luck for the TT Alex.

  7. Andrew Salter

    Putt money on you come on

  8. Clive Franklin (SRC)

    See you tomorrow !

  9. Jacob M.

    Could have used the Severn bridge, cheeky short cut lol

  10. Dave J.

    Fair play Alex sharing your data is awesome. Shows the gap between the pros and thr rest of us.

  11. Naziur R.

    How do you keep your average heart rate so low for such a high speed ride, please advice

  12. Ian Wright

    Look out for Chineway tomorrow

  13. Robski L.

    Only 28 KOMs ... Not bad ; ))

  14. Mike Lee

    James Meaden