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Solo +40 min motopacing + cheering for the jrs racing VA State Championships

  • 89.0mi
  • 5,610ft
  • 4:04:17
    Moving Time


  1. Marcus P.
    Marcus P.

    I saw You

  2. gibbs tolsdorf

    I like you Ben, but would love you more if you put a little pressure on Strava to keep pros of the KOM list. LIttle anyone can do against a moto-paced KOM. If the "most requested" feature is, in fact, the ability to instantaneously see if you achieved a KOM, but pros can populate that list, then inevitably, every KOM will belong to a pro, and then Strava folks will have little reason to chose Strava over other sites, thus Strava becomes disastrously devalued.
    Strava management is catastrophically mis-managing this issue.

  3. Riley Majeune-Fagan

    Strava is not about endlessly chasing KOMs.

  4. Christopher Cumming

    not to hijack Ben's thread here but where is the line drawn? European pro, domestic pro, CAT 1's can't have KOM's? What about equipment? What if I buy a set of wheels you can't afford and take your KOM by 2 sec.'s b/c I have nicer wheels. A KOM is a KOM no matter what you do for a living - who is the fastest over that section of road or climb. Aspire to be that fast don't whine that you aren't.

  5. David A.
    David A.

    Cracking effort Ben. I for one love seeing pros post on Strava. I may never be able to compete with you but having you here makes us all feel a bit more like a community. Keep up the great work!

  6. Seth Henry Roberts

    Gibbs - a KOM is a KOM. Strava Pro lets you filter results by things like weight, and perhaps they should add a check box so someone could see the list excluding pros. But that is just for your own edification. The only person who should earn a KOM is the fastest person over that segment. oh, and Its awesome that we get to compare ourselves to the pros on segments, IMO.

  7. Damir D.
    Damir D.

    just use http://www.digitalepo.com/

  8. Ben King

    Gibbs, I hear what you're saying. However, I love to use strava primarily to compete with myself and see and share where I've been. Also, it feels like yesterday that I was a jr racer, super excited for any chance to see what the pros were doing. I would have loved to have strava back then to compare. I always note if there was motopacing involved. That said, many segments around VA were raced in group rides, time trials, and other events. Wind direction, air temperature and humidity, all affect time dramatically. I train on the heaviest, grippiest wheels and tires, usually with about 60 psi. My pockets are stuffed, and my bottles are full. I still go hard for some segments, but not for a digital medal. I usually use segments to complete intervals at a proscribed wattage well under "full gas." When Strava starts sending prize money to KOM holders, the race wheels are coming out! Thanks for following and supporting.

  9. Strava A.
    Strava A.

    Very good response Ben.

  10. Ron Lillis - TNT

    I enjoy seeing the Pros results, especially on big climbs. I rode a couple big passes last Summer in Colorado and loved seeing how I compared to the Pros. Maybe down the road, Strava can build a filter to show segments with & w/o Pros.

  11. Duane Gran

    I wish more pros were on Strava. It may make it a race for second place but I like the challenge. I always get a kick out of seeing Ben's rides posted.

  12. Bill Skittles K.
    Bill Skittles K.

    You could put the Garmin on your dash adn drive the KOM's in a car at 60 mph. Or you could relax and realize there is more to life than chasing KOM's and take Strava as a fun way to keep up with where your friends are running/riding.

  13. Simon L.
    Simon L.

    @Dylan - if you are a premium member you can filter by date.
    @Ben - thanks for the response, great to see pro's interacting with their Strava followers!

  14. Dylan S.
    Dylan S.

    @Simon is it possible to I filter by any arbitrary date?

  15. Luke Majewski

    Ben - thanks for taking the time to respond. I remember you wiping the floor with us on the Charlottesville Racing Club hammer-fest when you were 13-14. Every one of us starts out with the potential to be Ben, Phinney, Dombrowski. Besides, unless there's a number on your jersey, it's not a race, and worrying about KOM on a website is irrelevant. Just say "the only guy that beat me is a pro!" if you need to.

  16. Seth Henry Roberts

    Ok, this all being said, two days ago Gibs Tolsdorf took a KOM with 68 other riders on it, titled "I'm too sexy for this shirt". I don't know what other accolades the guy needs than that, I'd give my left nut to be able to make that claim.

    Great reply Ben, and please keep using Strava!

  17. Sean Mathews

    First off I love seeing what the pros are doing and it does motivate me to get better and believe the times are humanly possible...secondly now that I know Ben is getting those times and hardly trying I realize how slow I am thanks Ben ;)

  18. gibbs tolsdorf

    Dude...sorry Ben. Probably not the best place to initiate this convo.

  19. Jimmy Panther

    "Strava management is catastrophically mis-managing this issue." smh. stfu.

  20. Bob Newman

    What Duane said. Knowing the roads and seeing Ben's times blows my mind every time. (But I kinda didn't have to know about that 60 psi thing. Oooph.)

  21. Dennis oliver

    Man u can climb hills it motovates me to climb better and be a better bike rider and it fun see others thats why Strava kicks ass