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"Too Poor for the Whistler Gran Fondo" Fondo

  • 265.9km
  • 5,078m
  • 9:50:15
    Moving Time
  • 7,637


  1. Billy J.
    Billy Jackson

    Ahahaha, sick ride!

  2. Darrel D.
    Darrel D.

    Good job!

  3. Andy K.
    Andy K.

    Holy crap, girl. Up and down. Nice.

  4. Blake D.
    Blake D.

    Way to go, girl!!! Nice PR collection too!

  5. Frank D.
    Frank D.

    Awesome ride! You killed it! Kudos to you.

  6. Roland O.
    Roland O.

    Rock start status !

  7. Geoff W.
    Geoff Wickstrom

    The extra park lap at the end - love that! You're a rockstar!

  8. Ken P.
    Ken Pool

    You didn't just save the Grand Condo entry fee, you saved two!

  9. Sheldon F.
    Sheldon Fuller


  10. Katt P.
    Katt Pn

    Thank you all!! I surprisingly felt great and energetic the entire ride... EVEN the home stretch from Squamish to Vancouver where I normally die ( in the past when I did this ride). I think the cool weather and the McDonalds I had in Squamish helped. I went home still pumped!! :P

  11. Katt P.
    Katt Pn

    Geoff: I did that extra lap to beat my previous longest ride PR of 261km. Beat It by 4 km. Hah!

  12. Molly B.
    Molly B.

    I'm so proud of you!

  13. Ramir S.
    Ramir Sioson

    You are nuts!!!

  14. Katt P.
    Katt Pn

    Thanks Molly & Ramir... It was all fun!!