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07/28/2013 Desolation Seven Summits

  • 29.1mi
  • 10,787ft
  • 7:15:53
    Moving Time
  • 14:59/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 0


  1. Richard Snipes

    What a beautiful route.

  2. David Wronski

    Awesome looking loop...is all that route on actual trail? would love to copy that loop in the next few weeks..

  3. Leor Pantilat

    Pyramid Peak to Dicks Peak is all completely off trail with some scrambling (~10 miles). Don't expect to run most of that portion.

  4. Leor Pantilat

    Photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10100696983920433.1073741859.215983&type=1&l=993e6a8164

  5. Peter Broomhall

    Hello thanks for posting this route. I plan on running this on Saturday and was wondering how many points there was to get water refills?

  6. Kyle P.

    Leor, 5 of us summited all 15 of the named peaks in Desolation this weekend. Took the fastest in our group 21 hours. Have you ever heard of this being done before?

  7. Leor Pantilat

    Nice! I didn't even know 15 was the number and a quick look at the USGS map shows quite a few more than 15 peaks, not including important points like Little Pyramid which isn't named on most maps. Either way, first known time for your particular route!

  8. Mats Jansson

    Here is a link to the GPS tracks from the 3 solo and 1 2-person teams that did it last weekend. Tracks are from MyAthlete trackers that we used, so some inaccuracies.. http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/display/1377650452-31869-

  9. Leor Pantilat

    Mats and Kyle, just to be clear and accurate, this is named summits of the Southern Desolation (10+ more peaks in the northern part). Very nice route!

  10. Mats Jansson

    Oh,thanks for clarifying. For some reason Agassiz isn't actually named on most topos, but everyone knows to include it, and so did we.

  11. Leor Pantilat

    This is a great route design! At the beginning I was under the impression you guys went all the way out to Telles Peak and Rubicon Peak, but this is basically the base seven summits plus a bunch of other interesting points along the way. I might have to try your route at some point! Hope the smoke plume clears out soon...