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Short and sweet: efficiency yo

  • 48.1mi
  • 3,389ft
  • 2:29:19
    Moving Time
  • 2,441


  1. Jonathan Pait

    The jersey lives!

  2. Sliderdude !.
    Sliderdude !.

    Those'r some nice altitude numbers. I get dizzy above 2500m...

  3. Patrick Cushing

    Dude, is that a flannel jersey? Where do I get one?

  4. Patrick Cushing

    How did I fail to mention, 9 KOM's in one ride of 48mi wtf!..I need me some maple syrup!

  5. Gardy R.
    Gardy R.

    Yeah Ted, I second Patrick's question - when can we get our hands on those sweet, sweet jerseys?

  6. Richard Beard

    kick ass Jersey my friend!

  7. Larry K.
    Larry K.

    Ted,Just a thought , noticed your YTD for feet climbed I'd around 600k. You should do something special when u hit a million. Be it a shirt with a slogan or something that wraps your accomplishment. Just saying. Kick ass in CO

  8. david smith

    shoulder looks ok there

  9. Jérémy Brd

    You gotta love the KOM/segment ratio! Great job!

  10. Cesar M.
    Cesar M.

    Nice! Queens