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Short and sweet: efficiency yo

  • 77.4km
  • 1,033m
  • 2:29:19
    Moving Time
  • 2,441


  1. Jonathan P.
    Jonathan Pait

    The jersey lives!

  2. Sliderdude !.
    Sliderdude !.

    Those'r some nice altitude numbers. I get dizzy above 2500m...

  3. Patrick C.
    Patrick C.

    Dude, is that a flannel jersey? Where do I get one?

  4. Patrick C.
    Patrick C.

    How did I fail to mention, 9 KOM's in one ride of 48mi wtf!..I need me some maple syrup!

  5. Gardy R.
    Gardy R.

    Yeah Ted, I second Patrick's question - when can we get our hands on those sweet, sweet jerseys?

  6. Richard B.
    Richard Beard

    kick ass Jersey my friend!

  7. Larry K.
    Larry K.

    Ted,Just a thought , noticed your YTD for feet climbed I'd around 600k. You should do something special when u hit a million. Be it a shirt with a slogan or something that wraps your accomplishment. Just saying. Kick ass in CO

  8. David S.
    david smith

    shoulder looks ok there

  9. Ecov Jérémy B.
    ECOV Jérémy Brd

    You gotta love the KOM/segment ratio! Great job!

  10. Cesar M.
    Cesar M.

    Nice! Queens