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Taking his fixation on harassing helpless critters to a whole new level, the Musclebound Thug puts on his Stetson and goes for a joyride on Garmina the giraffe, who does her very best to buck the big bully off

Ride September 14, 2016
  • 135.8km
  • 1,506m
  • 5:32:13
    Moving Time
  • 3,103
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  1. Tom B.

    How do you do that? Amazing!

  2. Mikael Jansson

    This is really great!

  3. Stephen Lund

    Thanks, guys. Tom...as I was trying to decide what my Thug would do next, it occurred to me that his rear end followed the same road as Garmina's back. So I looked at combining the two routes. I had to make some adjustments to the giraffe's rear end (i.e., extend it back so that the Thug was clearly riding her and not doing something obscene!), which also impelled me to change the configuration of the back legs. Making it look like she was trying to buck him off just made sense.

  4. Louise Wallace

    That's a really good one Steve! I like the way you added the photo of it too :)

  5. Rolf Warburton

    The return of Garmina!

  6. Taylor Holmwood

    Stephen, the official Strava account just tweeted your pic! :)

  7. André Nascimento™

    That's amazing! I really appreciate it!

  8. Stephen Lund

    Taylor...thanks for letting me know!

  9. Aaron Finley


  10. James Cooper

    Fantastic!....mad....but fantastic

  11. Евгений К.

    Hi, Stephen! I'm your fan. These are my few pictures -
    Do you know any other people who paint such pictures?

  12. jim stacey

    Fantastic! You're unbelievable. Евгений Кошелев look at strava artists, discussion section for links to other people's pictures around the world. https://www.strava.com/clubs/26561/discussion

  13. Bart G.

    Great.ride. Great Strava artist!

  14. Sue Adkins

    Love it! You're a genius!

  15. ლუკა ვ.

    stravart ✔ )))

  16. Rob N.

    Amazing stuff. Must've taken a while for this one

  17. Rubia Bittencourt

    Simply perfect !!!

  18. Robert V.

    It is really beautyful, but some of the lines don't follow roads. They go straight through buildings... How did you do that?

  19. Cintia Overvåg

    Amazing!! Congratulations!!

  20. Stephen Lund

    Robert – where I run into impassable obstacles or the roads just don't cooperate, I use a technique I call ‘connecting the dots’. Pausing my Garmin at point A and restarting it at point B creates a straight line that connects the dots. I try to use it sparingly, but sometimes it's necessary.

  21. Robert V.

    Aha, that's creative! Thanks for explaining. I'll try that myself.

  22. Roman S.

    Максим Москаленко глянь на это!

  23. Steve Gregory (SMBR)

    Almost as good as your coat hanger Lee Howson

  24. Alfie Rushton

    Nick Rushton Lucas Rushton Elise Marriott check these out!

  25. Bas S.


  26. Michael Muller

    Derek Johnston

  27. Michael Muller

    David Barhouma Jordan Crandall

  28. Jay Schutt

    Iain Finlayson

  29. Paul Walshe

    Genius- well done

  30. Joshua Lawrence

    ian lawrence Killian Feehan

  31. David Luque


  32. Adrian C.

    Brilliant... I've often thought of doing something like this, being an illustrator. But hey... I'm good, but not that fit. : )

  33. Abdullah B.

    Saad Alsubaie

  34. Andrew B.

    These look great. Well planned

  35. Tanya N.

    Your creativity is astounding....nicely done.

  36. Philip R.

    Epic! Love it!

  37. William Saad

    Best figure out there! Great work and dedication!

  38. Bjørn Brandsborg

    Amazing - great job and a great workout too!

  39. Bruce B.

    Fantastically creative. Love it.

  40. Jens Mogensen


  41. André Amaral

    absolutely impressive!

  42. Rob Baker

    Incredible vision. What a talent. The TerminARTor!

  43. Dave Mann

    That's brilliant, must have taken an age to plan and plot.

  44. Rob Stich

    Sick Cool!

  45. ian lawrence

    Laurence Bailey

  46. ian lawrence

    Laurence Bailey Stephen Carr

  47. Paul Winston

    Just WOW!!!

  48. Wim De Roeck


  49. Ciarán Collins