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Barrelman run - 4th overall, I will indeed take that!!

  • 21.0km
  • 1:29:31
    Moving Time
  • 4:16/km
    Avg Pace
  • 1,979


  1. Mike Cooke

    Great race Luke...awesome result in all 3 disciplines, way to go!

  2. Luke Ehgoetz

    Thanks Mike!!!

  3. Fazmin N.

    Congratulations Luke ! That's amazing. Well done.

  4. Ian Childs🏃🏻🏊🏻

    Sweet Luke! Way to race. Deadly bike splits all season!

  5. Kristin Marks

    Congrats Luke!

  6. Coach T.


  7. Sean Delanghe

    Nice work Ironluke!!

  8. Luke Ehgoetz

    Thanks folks!!

  9. Steve Roach

    Congrats. That's awesome

  10. Vance L.

    Big congrats! Excellent race!

  11. Dave W Rutherford

    Awesome Half pace to finish. Great job

  12. Peter Lawless

    Congrats, amazing performance

  13. Tom Glanville

    Nice work!!

  14. Gooder 🇨.

    Solid race out there today! Well done

  15. Chris D.

    You looked really strong on that run - congrats!

  16. Graham D.

    Nice work! Killer run.