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Barrelman bike

  • 88.8km
  • 122m
  • 2:09:53
    Moving Time
  • 1,527
  • 253
    Relative Effort


  1. Mike Cooke

    Smoking fast...how was the wind today?

  2. Luke Ehgoetz

    Headwind out, then a mix of tail and cross. Can't complain really!!

  3. Mike Cooke

    That's perfect, exactly what you want on that course...the opposite of last year's ride! Great split man.

  4. Fazmin N.

    Holy cow ! That is fast. Well done !

  5. Vance L.

    Is the elevation correct? Who needs an accurate pm?! Lol. Defective ones make u work that much harder. Great Rip Luke!

  6. Luke Ehgoetz

    122m. Not sure. It's a pretty flat course, but there are a few small hills. Perceived exertion worked out well today. I've done plenty of Pm training, so I knew what to expect out of myself

  7. Mike C.

    Great ride, and very well executed overall race, Luke! Is that a life best effort for you over that distance?

  8. Luke Ehgoetz

    Yup. A half distance PB. I guess with the 100m extra swim and 1K short on the bike all things even out.

  9. Ray V.

    That is movin'!!