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EVERESTING!!! Steepest in history... Bundarra Rd Marino, South Australia. .

  • 79.6km
  • 8,930m
  • 12:19:46
    Moving Time
  • 9,112


  1. Shane E.
    Shane E.

    Wow, you are a machine, well done

  2. Wendy B.
    Wendy B.

    Kick arse performance, Dan, I'm pretty speechless.. Great achievement!!! :0)

  3. Tim  Ⓥ  H.
    Tim Ⓥ Haywire

    Crazy!!! Nothing but admiration from me bro. Me and my buddy were gonna attempt everesting tomorrow but I bailed out cos I'm not feeling well. To do it on a steep wall like this is a whole other thing. Nuts! :)

  4. Jayne H.
    Jayne H.

    Holy crap Demonic Dan V that's awesome I knew u would do it had every confidence in you!! Go Vegan power xx

  5. C K.
    C K.

    I agree with all the above especially my stunning mate jayne xxxxx

  6. Heidi  K.
    Heidi K.

    Amazing, well done :)

  7. Gary  .
    Gary Paterson Ⓥ

    insanity!! Congratulations

  8. Strava A.
    Strava A.

    Wow well done Dan

  9. Silvia D.
    Silvia de Caluwé

    I get nervous just by looking at the pic... beyond awesome Dan..!!!

  10. Mark  H.
    Mark H.

    Well played.

  11. Lauriel L.
    Lauriel L.

    You did it!!

  12. Ane E.
    Ane E.

    This is so impressive, not only that you did it, but also that you got the idea to do it in the first place! Great job! :D

  13. Dave D.
    Dave Downes

    Wow! Huge congrats to ya. Beyond Epic.

  14. Sarah Jane S.
    Sarah Jane S.

    Wow that's crazy!!

  15. Rumell V.
    Rumell V

    Superman Dan!

  16. Chelsea D.
    Chelsea Diehm Ⓥ

    Woahhhhhhh congrats!

  17. Alex B.
    Alex B.

    Steam train, well done, hat off to you

  18. Alex B.
    Alex B.

    Dan check this out, this is the climb near me,I did the other day (Brasted hill, kent, london), the time up it hasn't changed since 1930 ! 1:54 sec. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUkLL9Q_v5Y

  19. Michelle K.
    Michelle K.

    Well done !!!! Demonic Dan V you are a machine :-)

  20. Dean Ware Wolf Ware (.
    Dean WareWolf Ware (Craft)(Merthyr CC)

    Amazing dan what a effort i like how steep it is :-D

  21. Justin L.
    Justin L.

    Awesome!!! took on that wall like a beast!!! that is a fierce effort DD!!!

  22. Sam T.
    Sam T.

    Can't believe you did that. That road is mental. It is almost impossible just once on my bike with my gearing. Congrats

  23. Demonic D.
    Demonic D.

    Thanks for the support guys:-) The pain that hill delivered in the last few hours was beyond anything I could have ever imagined!

  24. Demonic D.
    Demonic D.

    I was that exhausted when I got home I was out like a light within 5 minutes!

  25. Jo Tilbrook Ⓥ.
    Jo Tilbrook ⓋEGAN

    And people think I'm crazy!

  26. Jo Tilbrook Ⓥ.
    Jo Tilbrook ⓋEGAN

    Super human Dan well done

  27. Brett G.
    Brett G.

    Congrats Dan.....superb achievement ....bet your super proud of that one......awesome mate

  28.   Carol K.
    Carol Knezevic

    Congratulations !! AWESOME,AWESOME effort !!
    So good that you achieved this !!

  29. Emma W.
    Emma W.

    Champion ;)

  30. Christy B.
    Christy B.

    Absolutely awesome Mate!! This is huge Dan!! Congratulations. How did you go with this?

  31. Daniel L.
  32. Vegan Joseph K.
    Vegan Joseph Kendrick

    Truly demonic... 666 reps?

  33. Mitch B.
    mitch beck

    Monster sub 80km !!! Enjoy it champion.

  34. Lorraine C.
    Lorraine C.

    Epic epic epic!

  35. Trevor Ⓥ.
    Trevor Ⓥ

    Superb stuff mate

  36. Georgina C.
    Georgina Cotter Ⓥ

    That's next level!!! Awesome work Dan!!

  37. Nicole M.
  38. Nicole M.
    Nicole Mitsigeorgis Ⓥ ☁️

    Might be attempting my first everest next month!! Should come sherpa :)

  39. Steve L.
    Steve L.

    That's the shortest everesting distance I've ever seen. Amazing, congratulations!!!

  40. James Frew | I.
    James Frew | Inclusive Cycling

    Those gears are just the job! But how can the 510 run over 12 hrs battery and still have 83% left. I have tried charging mid-ride but the Edge 1000 ends the ride and shuts down.
    You will now know every pit and pot hole in that road. :D

  41. Demonic D.
    Demonic D.

    Thanks heaps for the kind words you guys are awesome and really helped motivate me to reach this goal:-) It would have been easy to quit early on this ride when it seemed the odds were stacking up against me with brake failure and just how mentally and physically draining it became getting up and down that road that many times but luckily the brakes just held out until the finish as did my legs!

  42. Demonic D.
    Demonic D.

    Just a portable phone charger and the same cable which came with the garmin did the trick James Frew I've heard depending on the model it works differently, so I did some research and a few tests to make sure it worked

  43. Demonic D.
    Demonic D.

    I believe it was around 217 reps Vegan Joseph Kendrick although it felt like 600 or more! The road is only 180m long with 42 metres vertical gained per lap at 23% average. I was getting 41-42m consistantly. The first 30 metres gained come within 120 metres at over 25%. The remaining 60 metres of the road is still 20% but somehow seems to require only about half the effort to spin up

  44. Jo Tilbrook Ⓥ.
    Jo Tilbrook ⓋEGAN

    What gears did you use on this one please Dan?

  45. Travelling Veganand Frodo ..
    TravellingVeganandFrodo .

    You are just amazing Dan!!! Such an inspiration!!

  46. Emma W.
    Emma W.

    666 - 'Number of the Beast' :D

  47. Demonic D.
    Demonic D.

    I used my 29er mountain bike so a couple of kilos heavier than a road bike but all good Jo Tilbrook Ⓥ I had a 22 on the front and a 42 on the back. It previously had 24-36 ratio but to keep a decent cadence up at such a high gradient i needed an upgrade!

  48. Nicolette B.
    Nicolette Bam

    Sheesh, this one was crazy, just like you my beautiful Aussie

  49. Andy V.
    Andy van Bergen :: HELLS 500

    Amazing Dan. That is crazy steep. Actual crazy! Ok - of course this is up in the www.everesting.cc hall of fame, but also in the Hors Categorie section of the site with the record: http://www.everesting.cc/hors-categorie. Stunning.

  50. Demonic D.
    Demonic D.

    Cheers I won't forget that one in a hurry! The living hell that ended well...